Burberry shop in HONGKONG
"By tonight, Pacific Place flagship store opening activities, we feel that this city has incredible vitality and life attitude as a Burberry this family, I am very excited, because regardless of distance can be gathered in together tonight is a magical combination, a collection of music, culture and English atmosphere, and all of our favorite things. "- Burberry Chief Creative Director ChristopherBailey,

Burberry Chief Creative Director ChristopherBailey made a special trip to visit the Hong Kong to attend and preside over the opening event of the Burberry brand new flagship store last night.

Opening event that night more than 500 celebrities attended, including British actress, and BurberryBody series perfume ads heroine RosieHuntington-Whiteley, Maggie Cheung, Huang Xiaoming, Korea combination girlhood members Xiuying and Yu Lee, Joey Yung, Anthony Wong, Wyman Wong, Edmond Leung , Shine, Kathy Chow, AnaR, rhododendrons, Denise, Xu Hao Ying.

The opening event also invited the British music people CarlBarat, as well as the famous Hong Kong singer-songwriter Khalil in live performances.

The flagship store wall the specially installed screen wall live broadcast of the event, the entire store screen wall synchronization shows the opening, also Instagram image instant exhibition venue activities live.

The same time, Burberry Burberry's activities grand released in various social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Sina microblogging, together with the the Burberry global community platform users to share the fun.

The new store is located in Pacific Place in Admiralty area of ​​21,500 square feet, the new store design follows the concept the Burberry Chief Creative Director ChristopherBailey of idea, and the store is also the world's first laying outdoor crystal wall of Burberry shop Burberry Classic Check underlines pattern.

Flagship store virtual reality and digital elements blend inspiration taken from the brand Burberry Regent Street flagship store opened in London, the shop is the world's largest Burberry shop.

Burberry currently has 18 retail outlets in Hong Kong, Pacific Place, Alexandra House, a round square, an international financial center, Ocean Centre, Russell Street, Newport Centre, Sogo, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui Sogo, Times Square, Cityplaza children's clothing, and a city, children's clothing, Landmark, Prince's children's clothing, the Lee Garden children's clothing, New Town Plaza, children's clothing, Ocean Terminal children's clothing, Causeway Bay Sogo children's clothing, Citygate City.

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