In London's Regent Street
After two years of renovation work, Burberry officially open the new store in Regent Street in London. Service experience to provide the ultimate luxury Burberry, this flagship store configuration futuristic high-tech screen display, each floor has custom digital information display, some of the goods with the chip, the available radio frequency identification (RFID) read take one of the audio and video content.
When approached the screen of the device in the store in public areas or in the dressing room holding a piece of merchandise, the customer can immediately see that the products of the process description, the models show photos and other information. BURBERRY Regent Street store clerk everyone with an iPad, used to record the customer's purchase history and personal preferences, in order to provide better personalized shopping experience.

In addition to selling BURBERRY full range of men's, women's and children's clothing, shoes and accessories, this business area more than 4,000 square meters, the new store will be held weekly theme activities, promote music, film, theater, art, young talent.

156 years ago by Thomas BURBERRY brand pioneered the concept of customer-centric, but take the forefront in the vanguard, kept no records on the application of digital technology. BURBERRY is the pioneer of the of 3D holographic T station and the tweets conference before the official release of the new fans can watch Burberry products through Twitter.

Queen of England, Princess Kate, Kate - Holmes Airy Shan - Bell is BURBERRY customers. Currently, BURBERRY Facebook, Twitter, YouTube exclusive channels, has a total of 13 million fans.

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