Annual Fashion Week, the busiest addition to the designers, the fashion photographer also did not stop the opportunity, through the lens, will bring us to the forefront of the world's most stylish front. In the past few years, the foreign photographer has been highly sought after, but recently, a group of printed CHINA signs of cutting-edge photographer in the international fashion arena. More and more international luxury brand Burberry (Burberry / Burberry), The Hobbema (He Boma), Dior (Dior), etc., are more willing to Asians lens into Western fashion.
Fengzhi Kai: most young Chinese photographers in the international fashion circles

Kai, born in 1982, the people of Shanghai, now lives in New York. The early years of focus on the art of painting works have exhibited in the United States and Japan, and has won numerous awards. Photography was first published in 2006, a large high-profile, international fashion photography world quickly became the youngest of Nova.

Cooperation brand: Burberry (Burberry / Burberry) / The Hobbema (He Boma) / Calvin Klein (referred to as CK) / Blumarine (Blue Valentine) / Hugo Boss (Hugo Boss / Hugo Boss) / Christopher Kane (Christopher Kane) / Thomas Burberry (Thomas Burberry / Burberry Li) / Parasuco (Lion King)

Ping Zhikai latest work: Ping Zhikai explore different international cultural art and modern photography. His aesthetic concept of integration into the Western image of the East, to watch his work is like to enjoy a meal feast for the senses. 2012 Hobbema (He Boma) group promo shot, to subvert the plane blockbusters practices, intends cinematic shooting in sunlight and shade, create the beginning of the 20th century, the French middle class - Yashi have refined elegant life scenes, shooting the technical use of light filled with a sense of nobility Mirage, and the pursuit of perfection to detail, create a rich artistic temperament in the modern image of the elite men, to give people a stealth emotional expression space.

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