Luxurious looking finish Experts BURBERRY BEAUTY upcoming launched the Holiday Look makeup, emphasizing the natural, fresh looking finish, classic red lips with elegant and bright eye, easy to control, there will not be painfully exaggerated feeling. The most important makeup base, focus on skin bright shiny, new BURBERRY heavy natural bright decorative base solution in the shape fresh and shiny makeup before the end of the muscle, bright pressed powder to create veneer makeup base, bright silky concealer pen flawless skin.

Particularly worthy of mention is that the BURBERRY heavy new natural bright decorated base solution, the unique moisturizing cream texture, bright skin care formulations, containing a variety of natural plant extracts, effective moisturizing, brighten and antioxidant, skin elasticity, brand newpre-makeup base, with shiny factor, adding skin gloss, strengthening looking finish shiny effect. Then gently sweep on the natural rouge, the pink mist flu, to bring out the natural beauty. Delicate silky eye shadow and eye 03 and 14 enhance the clean, elegant bright eyes, lip makeup, lies in the abundance of soft red lips shaping first lip liner 07 (very lavender feeling new) outline the lip, lipstick surplus the soft glitter feather sense fog Yingrun No. 208 plus classic deep brick red last 06 natural lip gloss to create plump lips. The BURBERRY Sophie flu mist Yingrun balm and natural lip gloss containing moisturizing formula to keep lips lasting moisture in the dry season.

Features: The new pre-makeup base, with shiny factor, adding the luster of the skin, strengthening looking finish shiny effect; create a three-dimensional, prominent facial contour; fresh texture, effectively raising the makeup foundation, there will be no sense of thick makeup. Just thin coat, and then light on Suifen, you can create a thin transparent sense of natural makeup. In addition to the as makeup before isolation products, can also be used alone as brighten the products, makeup directly applied to the facial contours to strengthen facial three-dimensional. Unique moisturizing cream texture, is different from the BB Cream frost penetration of an exceptionally strong, but not sticky, especially suitable for humid climates; bright skin care formulations, containing a variety of natural plant extracts, effective moisturizer, brighten the antioxidant, skin elasticity ; suitable for all skin color use (can be used alone or with other foundation the deployment to create a brighter luster)

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