Everyone took their place in the salon Burberry Prorsum hum shaking my iPhone stranger. This is an e-mail brand, topics to: Creative Director Keli Situo Fu · Bailey, Welcome to Hyde Park (Hyde Park), told me that Burberry information society before the show began and he signed all the best, Keli Si Tuofu. Let me clarify, no shared personal letters, nothing to worry about Leveson query. It is not at all impossible, the news has not been sent in person to any other person in the audience. Bailey the power of technology, of his vision Burberry brand building is a strong promoter (and brave index), the concept of connection, to continue in the scheme of things. So, what a wonderful human scale, antiques, and even (not in the bad sense) the concept of privacy in physical, virtual realm Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013 collection. For the first time, it has been soaked, sex. A pleasure to enjoy the pleasure of the senses, but around the cape and corset, Bailey's work. (And the groove, of course, but later more). The words come to mind is "optimistic about the libido.

How they can not sing, almost every color of eyes and seductive colors of autumn Bailey usually conducive (thorns hedging Green) in the dark country road, 1930 tones a little underwear (oysters, shell pink) a complete explosion of brilliant color, bold jewelry (orange, purple, pink), provides a vivid amazing use of silk and sateen. Exploration hat and corset is a way Pele body never to make her back, and then let the cover (most barely graze the weapons, but there are also some longer time) to create the number and meandering rescue looks as if they are already stretched to the limit, sewn body, bright clothes, or boneless, curve cutting close to, they encounter the tensions between the line drawing below. At other times, he injected volume in the layer and satin jacket, wind blowing through the shoulders, waist drawstring plump closely monitor. The star of the show the strong performance, as always, windbreaker. This is very surprising is that Bailey is able to use them after the season, the vision of the vehicle to continue. The spring of next year, you will see some of the best, and he made a delicious deep pink satin, with around bust, lace, emerald green, golden feathers, blue and sapphire leather detail curve. We have all the quality, feel, you want closer sense. The task is completed, I think.

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