Girls′ Generation (SNSD) has proven again that its members are all fashionistas, as the designer items the girls donned on the music video for I Got a Boy have quickly become a hot topic.

The trench coats that SNSD wore in the music video for its comeback single turned out to be from Burberry′s 2013 Spring/Summer collection, which were presented during the finale of the brand′s Burberry Prorsum Collection Show.
The girls also drew attention to their other styles, such as their funky vintage looks and feminine styles.

They have been living up to their fashionista title by appearing at the Burberry Collection Fashion Show held in London and other global Burberry events held around the world as representatives of Korea.

SNSD has been promoting its new album, most recently winning the trophy on Mnet′s M Countdown and KBS2′s Music Bank with I Got a Boy.
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Everyone took their place in the salon Burberry Prorsum hum shaking my iPhone stranger. This is an e-mail brand, topics to: Creative Director Keli Situo Fu · Bailey, Welcome to Hyde Park (Hyde Park), told me that Burberry information society before the show began and he signed all the best, Keli Si Tuofu. Let me clarify, no shared personal letters, nothing to worry about Leveson query. It is not at all impossible, the news has not been sent in person to any other person in the audience. Bailey the power of technology, of his vision Burberry brand building is a strong promoter (and brave index), the concept of connection, to continue in the scheme of things. So, what a wonderful human scale, antiques, and even (not in the bad sense) the concept of privacy in physical, virtual realm Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013 collection. For the first time, it has been soaked, sex. A pleasure to enjoy the pleasure of the senses, but around the cape and corset, Bailey's work. (And the groove, of course, but later more). The words come to mind is "optimistic about the libido.

How they can not sing, almost every color of eyes and seductive colors of autumn Bailey usually conducive (thorns hedging Green) in the dark country road, 1930 tones a little underwear (oysters, shell pink) a complete explosion of brilliant color, bold jewelry (orange, purple, pink), provides a vivid amazing use of silk and sateen. Exploration hat and corset is a way Pele body never to make her back, and then let the cover (most barely graze the weapons, but there are also some longer time) to create the number and meandering rescue looks as if they are already stretched to the limit, sewn body, bright clothes, or boneless, curve cutting close to, they encounter the tensions between the line drawing below. At other times, he injected volume in the layer and satin jacket, wind blowing through the shoulders, waist drawstring plump closely monitor. The star of the show the strong performance, as always, windbreaker. This is very surprising is that Bailey is able to use them after the season, the vision of the vehicle to continue. The spring of next year, you will see some of the best, and he made a delicious deep pink satin, with around bust, lace, emerald green, golden feathers, blue and sapphire leather detail curve. We have all the quality, feel, you want closer sense. The task is completed, I think.

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LONDON Burberry Group PLC on Tuesday strong same-store sales in the third quarter with the help of a resurgent China, but sales of other retailers are expected to fall amid worries that Italy's small businesses solvency.

British luxury fashion six hot season. Burberry reduced profit forecast in September last year, the sales slowdown in China and the global macroeconomic uncertainty. But a few weeks later, retailers, sales picked up, and this trend in the third quarter, continue fueling optimism that the luxury goods industry will not suffer a similar fate of reversal observed in 2009.

"We expect the global external environment remains challenging, but saw an opportunity to continue in our existing business, increase productivity, and invest in high-growth areas of the sub-penetration product categories, channels and media." CEO Angela Ahrendts said.

China sales back to December 31, three months, in order to help his sales jumped 15% in the Asia-Pacific released. 574 million pounds last year, total sales reached £ 613 million pounds ($ 985.5 million), an increase of 9%, which exclude the impact of currency fluctuations. Analysts had expected sales of 602 million pounds, from FactSet estimates.

From the store, it owns and represents about three-quarters of its revenue, retail sales increased by 13% to 464 million pounds, offset by turnover decreased by 5% to $ 1.2 million, essentially, from the sales department stores and independent retail providers.

Burberry flat wholesale revenues had predicted in the second half of the year, but lowered expected Tuesday-digit percentage decrease was primarily due to Italy's weakness in sales of single.

In the whole of Europe, many of the luxury goods company, multi-channel retail and direct delivery to the hat shop and other the wholesale buyers political control prices, markdowns to prevent the end of the season,

Tuesday on a conference call, CFO Stacey Cartwright told reporters, the brand and image of this reform plan in Europe, while the Group's management of its customers, the company also decided to take stock of some of Italy's independent shop, they consider the credit risk.

"We come to something, we are very pleased to embark on a more cautious view of the market, and the amount of credit risk, we are willing to do," Mrs. Cartwright told analysts Tuesday in a conference call. "Italy is the largest wholesale market, is a multi-brand stores by the smallest mom and pop", rather than a department store.

However, in the U.S. and emerging markets as well as in Asian airports and other transportation hubs wholesale sales grew. However, Ms. Cartwright said, industry, once considered mainly by the broad impact of the global economic downturn, still unstable, because the number of buyers to get their foot in the drop-down boutiques. Sales of the more expensive items, exhibits attractive and compelling suppliers to help offset the lower numbers of shopping Ms. Cartwright said.

Burberry does not provide retail stores sales forecasts, but reiterated the sales area is expected to increase by 14% in the second.
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Burberry Prorsum 2013 spring and summer women's collection was inspired: "the series named corsets to and Capes ... we found the most incredible pictures from Burberry tights and Burberry cape file, this fashion showthe perfect presentation of the feel of the brand, a strong emotional optimism ... "- Chief creative Director Christopher Bailey, this bold breakthrough season, seems to completely shake off the past rigorous.

Main inspiration:

1. Cape: Burberry file record that in the 19th century, Burberry began making cloak

2. Tights: advertising Burberry files record that in the early 20th century, Burberry began making tights

3 charm: lessons to British photographer Norman Parkinson the flag model photo shooting (including his wife Wenda Parkinson,)

In the design of the series, the cloak abundance of sculpture curve version of the type and version of the type of tights stark contrast to create a playful and vivid effect.

Luxury fabrics, metallic and full color plus a simple, clean version of the type, the modern sense of luxury that accentuates the series.

The British climate continue to provide inspiration, and the women's part of the show's finale, each model catwalk wearing a pair of sunglasses of the "splash" continuation of the series of sunny, optimistic style.
Burberry Corsets to and Capes 2013
Burberry Corsets to and Capes 2013
Burberry Corsets to and Capes 2013
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Britain's youngest fashion icon, star treasure Romeo Beckham Burberry advertising blockbusters debut, collaborative modeling industry rookie teamed interpretation of such and such a wonderful combination of fashion this seasonseries inject fresh can.
The second son of Beckham - Romeo Beckham
The shooting filled with infinite joy, filling a large advertising are such a pleasure and Burberry spring and summer series represent the spirit of courage.
Continuation of the Burberry brand has consistently uphold support the new rookie innovative tradition, the passion and vitality of shooting the lineup of all-round highlights British young people. Which was undoubtedly the biggest highlight of Burberry solicitation the youngest British fashion icon David Beckham family second son - Romeo Beckham (Romeo Beckham) featuring advertising blockbusters actor. Who has been named Britain's most fashionable men "star baby charm is irresistible, perfect interpretation of the Beckham family has always been leading the fashion trend style, strong sense of contrast injection for Burberry spring and summer a large advertising energy and youthful vigor, combined with the times large ad in the joy of movement of the theme of the film, highlighting the 2013 spring and summer series of the brand new fashion attitude.

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In London's Regent Street
After two years of renovation work, Burberry officially open the new store in Regent Street in London. Service experience to provide the ultimate luxury Burberry, this flagship store configuration futuristic high-tech screen display, each floor has custom digital information display, some of the goods with the chip, the available radio frequency identification (RFID) read take one of the audio and video content.
When approached the screen of the device in the store in public areas or in the dressing room holding a piece of merchandise, the customer can immediately see that the products of the process description, the models show photos and other information. BURBERRY Regent Street store clerk everyone with an iPad, used to record the customer's purchase history and personal preferences, in order to provide better personalized shopping experience.

In addition to selling BURBERRY full range of men's, women's and children's clothing, shoes and accessories, this business area more than 4,000 square meters, the new store will be held weekly theme activities, promote music, film, theater, art, young talent.

156 years ago by Thomas BURBERRY brand pioneered the concept of customer-centric, but take the forefront in the vanguard, kept no records on the application of digital technology. BURBERRY is the pioneer of the of 3D holographic T station and the tweets conference before the official release of the new fans can watch Burberry products through Twitter.

Queen of England, Princess Kate, Kate - Holmes Airy Shan - Bell is BURBERRY customers. Currently, BURBERRY Facebook, Twitter, YouTube exclusive channels, has a total of 13 million fans.

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Launched its iOS application gift card in last weekend, according to sources, the digital payment innovation company Square is about to be announced to cooperate with the British luxury brand Burberry, which is the company for the first time to become a partner with a luxury brand.

The news confirmed by Burberry Chief Technology Officer John Douglas  microblogging the the microblogging claimed Square payment readers installed Burberry Brit store in San Francisco has. Follow Douglas microblogging, the media was informed that Burberry is testing a payment service jointly with Square, located in San Francisco's Westfield business point locations in Burberry. According to sources, Square CEO Jack Dorsey will soon officially be given on this partnership and pay the test confirmed.

Square did not comment on it at the Burberry Brit store launched Square Register terminal, but Square has Burberry on its business object directory. According to Burberry CEO Angela the Anaren Hernandez , the test has significance for Burberry, because since the beginning of this year, the company has been in the test allows the consumer sale "with consumers personalized interactive iPad application, in order to understand the consumer where shopping, favorite what to buy what.

Earlier this year, Square with the world's largest chain of coffee company Starbucks established a milestone of cooperation between processing all credit card payment service in 7000 coffee chain Starbucks. Square annual handling payment business volume of over 10 billion U.S. dollars, only an increase of $ 2 billion in two months time.

So far, Square from the well-known investment institutions and technology industries and enterprises financing of $ 341 million, these investors include Khosla Ventures,, CrunchFund Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer (Marissa Mayer), Foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley Dennis Crowley, Google Venture Kevin Rose (Kevin Rose), First Round Capital, San Francisco angel investment firm SV Angel (Ron Conway), Ron Conway, Twitter, co-founder than IS HEREBY Stone (Biz Stone), the world's first popular P2P file shared platform Naspter founder Shawn Fanning (Shawn Fanning), Sequoia Capital and Kelaiyinna Perkins venture capital companies (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers).

Luxurious looking finish Experts BURBERRY BEAUTY upcoming launched the Holiday Look makeup, emphasizing the natural, fresh looking finish, classic red lips with elegant and bright eye, easy to control, there will not be painfully exaggerated feeling. The most important makeup base, focus on skin bright shiny, new BURBERRY heavy natural bright decorative base solution in the shape fresh and shiny makeup before the end of the muscle, bright pressed powder to create veneer makeup base, bright silky concealer pen flawless skin.

Particularly worthy of mention is that the BURBERRY heavy new natural bright decorated base solution, the unique moisturizing cream texture, bright skin care formulations, containing a variety of natural plant extracts, effective moisturizing, brighten and antioxidant, skin elasticity, brand newpre-makeup base, with shiny factor, adding skin gloss, strengthening looking finish shiny effect. Then gently sweep on the natural rouge, the pink mist flu, to bring out the natural beauty. Delicate silky eye shadow and eye 03 and 14 enhance the clean, elegant bright eyes, lip makeup, lies in the abundance of soft red lips shaping first lip liner 07 (very lavender feeling new) outline the lip, lipstick surplus the soft glitter feather sense fog Yingrun No. 208 plus classic deep brick red last 06 natural lip gloss to create plump lips. The BURBERRY Sophie flu mist Yingrun balm and natural lip gloss containing moisturizing formula to keep lips lasting moisture in the dry season.

Features: The new pre-makeup base, with shiny factor, adding the luster of the skin, strengthening looking finish shiny effect; create a three-dimensional, prominent facial contour; fresh texture, effectively raising the makeup foundation, there will be no sense of thick makeup. Just thin coat, and then light on Suifen, you can create a thin transparent sense of natural makeup. In addition to the as makeup before isolation products, can also be used alone as brighten the products, makeup directly applied to the facial contours to strengthen facial three-dimensional. Unique moisturizing cream texture, is different from the BB Cream frost penetration of an exceptionally strong, but not sticky, especially suitable for humid climates; bright skin care formulations, containing a variety of natural plant extracts, effective moisturizer, brighten the antioxidant, skin elasticity ; suitable for all skin color use (can be used alone or with other foundation the deployment to create a brighter luster)

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Burberry perfume
Burberry recently teamed up to launch Burberry Body Crystal perfume with top French Crystal Baccarat (Baccarat).

    This derived from the famous Burberry Body perfume the female Hong installed in a Baccarat handmade crystal bottle.

    Add the precious rose essence and warm tonka beans smell perfume Top notes of wormwood and peach flavor, middle notes of rose oil and sandalwood and tone cashmere ketone, the more prominent the smell of vanilla and musk.

    Fragrance limited edition of 156 bottles, each bottle has a hand-carved Number, to commemorate the birth in 1856, Burberry created 156 years. Bottle price is $ 2,800.

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Burberry is a very traditional English style of the luxury brands, multi-level product line to meet consumer demand for different age and sex, retail, wholesale and licensing, and other ways to make it well-known world-renowned. Burberry was founded in 1856, the British royal family supplies. In the past few decades, Burberry mainly in the production of raincoats, umbrellas and scarves-based, and now Burberry stressed that Britain's traditional noble design, winning the hearts and minds of countless people to become an eternal brand!
Only 21-year-old Thomas Burberry, the British guy single-handedly founded the Burberry brand, opened his first outdoor clothing store in the south of England, Hampshire (Hampshire) Basingstoke (Basingstoke Stoke) City. Excellent quality, the use of innovative fabrics, as well as on the jacket design makes Thomas Burberry has won a number of loyal customers, to 1870, the shop has begun to take shape.
In 1879, he developed an organization strong, waterproof and breathable twill fabric Gabardine (gabardine), faces a durable throughout, and soon to be widely used, which won everyone's approval. Gabardine patent in 1888 for the design and manufacture of raincoats of the British officers,
In 1895, design by Burberry for the British officers a call Tielocken's coat to become the originator of today's windbreaker. Early hunting and fishing equipment must have a good anti-rain effect, able to withstand considerable wind and rain and also have good air permeability, Burberry clothing to meet this requirement, to provide customers with the excellent performance of clothing.
In 1901, Burberry designed the first coat. The First World War, King Edward VII to this Burberry raincoat designated as the senior British army uniforms. He also founded the Knights logo of the brand, and is registered as a commercial sign. Burberry design gabardine raincoat has been enduring trend. After the war this section gabardine raincoat into the hearts of many celebrity stars, including Audrey Hepburn (RTHK translated: Audrey · Hairpin) and "Casablanca" actor Humphrey Bioscor, and actress Ingrid Boorman. Today, it opened the Oxford Dictionary of the United Kingdom, Burberry has become another word windbreaker.
In 1910, Burberry launched a women's collection, and opening new branches in Paris, France. Burberry landing Antarctic in 1911
In 1911, Burberry virtue as the first to conquer the South Pole traveler Ronald Amunden, travel clothing and famous world. 1924 creation of Burberry Check "Nova" - first appeared on behalf of Burberry's plaid lining for gabardine raincoat, was registered in 1967 as a trade mark is widely used in other products, such as umbrellas and luggage.
Burberry has been well received by the royal family love. With tradition, the fine would like to design styles and products produced, in 1955, Burberry gained granted by Queen Elizabeth, Royal Queen's (Royal Warrant) badge. Later in 1989, Burberry was awarded the badge of the Royal Warrant granted by the Prince of Wales.
In 1970, Bobo Li in the the the flagship store of the New York East 57 the street opened. In 1980, Bobo Li in the United States constantly expanding retail business, In addition to the outside the the New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and and other places all OK to to see it chain stores.
1997 due to changes in management, the former CEO Rose MarieBravo joining Burberry's direction has changed, has always been to provide clothing for the royal family and the older celebrities and guests As for the multi-faceted, to further expand the guest network; her Roberto Menichetti has invited as a design director Christopher Bailey, the photographer Mario Testino and supermodel Stella Tennant, Kate Moss, a combination of classical elements into which an extension of the traditional British noble personality and lifestyle, re-Kingdoms Burberry's new power philosophy.
In 2000 and 2001, Burberry won the Award of the British Fashion Council, classical and modern two design series.
Into the 21st century, Burberry has accelerated its pace of expansion in the world. September 2000, it of the global flagship store opened in New Bond Street,, in London,. In In October 2001, the Bobo Li put the flagship store in Los Angeles to open to the Hollywood star-studded Beverly Hills. Since then, Burberry has built some of the important cities in Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, the more unique stores.
In 2002, Burberry stores in London and New York launched a service of The Art of Trench tailor custom windbreaker.
In 2003, Burberry launched a new series named after founder Thomas Burberry, lightweight clothing to provide more timely younger, and further promote the brand to younger tastes owners.
  Burberry perfume in 2005, Burberry plans to support breast cancer research, creative director Christopher Bailey has designed a special edition of trench coats and scarves to support breast cancer charity fund-raising activities.
In 2006, Burberry has established the 150th anniversary of the launch of the brand Burberry Icons series to celebrate this special occasion. Angela Ahrendts formally appointed Group Chief Executive Officer, while the former chief executive Rose Marie Bravo as Vice-Chairman. In that year, Burberry launched the new female fashion fragrance Burberry London (London fragrance for women), the use of a brand of classic checkered patterns do perfume packaging. In 2007, the introduction of of the the Burberry The Beat perfume, advertising by the the of England supermodel Agness Deyn serve as spokesmen. Design director Christopher Bailey won the British Fashion Awards ceremony for best menswear designer award.
In 2008, Christopher Bailey, 21 GQ male Burberry headquarters in New York who awards ceremony held at the Theatre Royal, English Designer of the Year Award. Nominated by the prize presentation ceremony for best menswear designer of the London fashion.
In 2009, Burberry global headquarters in New York completed 44 Madison Avenue, New York City. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, May 28, officially known as the "BURBERRY DAY", and BURBERRY building on Madison Avenue in New York City will be issued in three different parts of the lights flashing signal. BURBERRY creative director Christopher Bailey for the completion of this landmark new headquarters, and are very excited.
In 2011, Beijing flagship store in Beijing McIlroy new world opened the store for a three-tier flagship store, face Burberry2012 Taipei flagship store opening event [2] area of ​​1200 square meters, opening day is organized large-scale live events, to spread around the world British music, digital technology and the fashion industry.
April 26, 2012 BURBERRY brand opened a flagship store called the burberry Beijing flagship store is located in the Taipei 101 building activities [3] to open the ceremony, BURBERRY Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey attended the event, Burberry global broadcast live events - a 360-degree in-depth experience will be is enabled in Taipei for the first time, the in Beijing in in 2011, tested multi-sensory experience for the first time, will the the reality of and network of the brand experience to the seamless the combination of.
Today, BURBERRY continue to enhance its design and innovation Figure decorated to enhance the dream of the attractiveness of its classic sensibility with modern era of the perfect combination of quality fashion into a timeless brand.

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