Launched its iOS application gift card in last weekend, according to sources, the digital payment innovation company Square is about to be announced to cooperate with the British luxury brand Burberry, which is the company for the first time to become a partner with a luxury brand.

The news confirmed by Burberry Chief Technology Officer John Douglas  microblogging the the microblogging claimed Square payment readers installed Burberry Brit store in San Francisco has. Follow Douglas microblogging, the media was informed that Burberry is testing a payment service jointly with Square, located in San Francisco's Westfield business point locations in Burberry. According to sources, Square CEO Jack Dorsey will soon officially be given on this partnership and pay the test confirmed.

Square did not comment on it at the Burberry Brit store launched Square Register terminal, but Square has Burberry on its business object directory. According to Burberry CEO Angela the Anaren Hernandez , the test has significance for Burberry, because since the beginning of this year, the company has been in the test allows the consumer sale "with consumers personalized interactive iPad application, in order to understand the consumer where shopping, favorite what to buy what.

Earlier this year, Square with the world's largest chain of coffee company Starbucks established a milestone of cooperation between processing all credit card payment service in 7000 coffee chain Starbucks. Square annual handling payment business volume of over 10 billion U.S. dollars, only an increase of $ 2 billion in two months time.

So far, Square from the well-known investment institutions and technology industries and enterprises financing of $ 341 million, these investors include Khosla Ventures,, CrunchFund Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer (Marissa Mayer), Foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley Dennis Crowley, Google Venture Kevin Rose (Kevin Rose), First Round Capital, San Francisco angel investment firm SV Angel (Ron Conway), Ron Conway, Twitter, co-founder than IS HEREBY Stone (Biz Stone), the world's first popular P2P file shared platform Naspter founder Shawn Fanning (Shawn Fanning), Sequoia Capital and Kelaiyinna Perkins venture capital companies (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers).

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