This season, Gucci is pleased to launch a series of the colorful leather identity cards (ID tags), each identity cards are decorated with unique gold embossed symbols. Each signage can be a perfect match Gucci handbags and the guest's name engraved initials, and accessories more personalized. This series from the end of October in Gucci boutiques and gucci.com sale is the best choice of your gift. Its easy symbols including the Gucci logo and related representatives lucky, love and the power of the typical logo. Identity card (ID tags) series include:

Bamboo handbag (Bamboo Bag) graphics: bamboo handbags the eternal Italian craftsmanship and classic design is known, is a suitable for any occasion handbag.

Heart-shaped G Mutual padlock graphic: unparalleled, unique and extraordinary, this heart-shaped G each other the padlock where you are, and are unique Gucci.

The Chinese blessing Graphics: This ancient Chinese blessing patterns bring peace and good luck for the wearer. With it, the sky was clear and the road is flat.

Chinese Double Happiness Graphics: Double Happiness word represents happiness, your life of joy and contentment. With them, you will always get happiness.

Horseshoe graphics: The horseshoe will bring you good luck and success. With it, let your good luck go hand in hand.

Clover graphics: In order to find a lucky four-leaf clover, you might want to search through the entire piece of grass. Bring our signage, it will always be with you.

Ladybug graphics: the friendly ladybug flying in the air, to bring you love, luck and asylum.

Turtle graphics: small turtles firm partners. Along the way, it will bring you longevity, patience and protection.

The bee graphics: busy bees always around the flowers in full bloom. Let it bring you eternal diligence and indomitable force.

Heart-shaped graphics: with your loved ones and our heart-shaped logo, let life take you a weekend anywhere.

Pony graphics: this horse distinguished foals across country, to bring you the strength, grace and beauty. Take it into the power of your first line.

Falcon graphics: the proud falcon flying in the sky to bring you the strength, courage and determination. With it, you will be fearless of any obstruction of the road ahead!

, Gucci for the busy modern business elite is also prepared a variety of bags, the brand classic interlocking double G printing or red and green ribbon briefcase, colorful ladies handbags, bamboo bag, all for you work to bring the beautiful mood.

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Just 10 days after the the catwalks network announced cooperation in the establishment of the catwalk and eBay-eBay, serves network suspected of selling fake news will be disclosed to the media area. The disclosure serves network Lynx flagship store also suspected of selling fake products related to Close in September.

According to reports, the flagship store shut down the origin of a dispute, a customer a Gucci products purchased from the catwalks network, according to a person familiar with interview Lynx found quality problems, call the catwalk net, dragged pressure not treated.

The customer then the complaint to the business sector, this piece of Gucci products are then sent to the Gucci company identification. The Gucci company quickly issued a statement saying that this is not Gucci company products.

The Guangzhou media recently reported the catwalk net sales NewbarK brand shoes real fake, validation is really a replica after NewbarK.

Subsequently, catwalks stated intention, said the previously reported events the complaints users buy the NewbarK of shoes is not a fake, in fact, authentic, and said the runway nets sold 100% authentic guaranteed "audience commodity".

It is understood, Gucci and other well-known brands did not authorize any Chinese website selling its branded products, catwalks network, including online sales brand known as "luxury electric supplier".

Industry sources, online shopping channel for luxury goods more than 70% did not get the brands directly authorized sales. "Overseas purchasing or from dealers, foundries, discount stores and other channels. 'Sweep goods', as well as black channel A cargo directly from the hands of buyers, or Shenzhen, Dongguan into high imitation."

An industry source revealed to the media: For a brand-new luxury, especially the top brand names package watches price of electricity supplier channels is more than 20% off of the line, then a high probability of real goods; discount rate below 7% either fake or defective "off season" goods; the 5 fold below, the probability of fakes relatively high.

Earlier, the catwalk-eBay on-line and found the kind of online supplier product map is very poor, and the color, style, size there is a serious insufficiency problem, this reporter called the catwalk-eBay customer service, asked why, catwalk-eBay customer service said. , catwalk-eBay Customer Service products sold are authentic, the film The picture is not a catwalk-eBay customer service, but an eBay supplier suppliers own shooting product pictures. And most brand products were not sold brand licensing.

Go to news of alleged price frequently appeared last week, also led to the industry's concerns about the entire electricity supplier industry.

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Part of the PPR Luxury Group Gucci brand is becoming increasingly difficult to operate in the Chinese market, the competition has become increasingly fierce. Gucci is the world's second-largest luxury brand other than Louis Vuitton brand, said revenue in the third quarter of this year grew only 7%, compared to 12% in the first quarter and 10% in the second quarter has been showing a downtrend .

Gucci is not only a drop in sales of the brand, LVMH Group fashion and leather goods sales also showed a downtrend, and only 5% sales growth in the third quarter.

Mulberry and Burberry brand has released the results of statements, significant downtrend so many people guess luxury three excellent trend is about to reach the end. China has been the largest sales market for luxury goods, but luxury consumption in recent months, the Chinese government began to vigorously against government officials, while the pace of development of China's economy slows to a large extent affect the sales of luxury goods. In the first-tier cities, the luxury of a very competitive market these luxury brands competing stationed became the second-tier cities. Gucci's sales in the Chinese market has been showing a trend of double-digit growth, but the growth rate in the third quarter decreased significantly.

The PPR aspect, to sell its Redcats brand initiative is also in full swing in the PPR Group decided to focus on the development of luxury brands, CDs and books will be operating Redcats brands excluded from the Group.

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gucci for kids
The exclusive luxury Legion PPR quarterly resolve the fighting with the door: low-key BV go after GUCCI

BV in the third quarter year-on-year growth of 30.5%, beating GUCCI 24.3%

On October 25, the French luxury group PPR announced results for the third quarter of 2012, total revenue amounted to 2.6 billion euros, compared to the same period last year rose 6.6%.

Although the overall economic environment is not very optimistic, but to maintain a steady growth trend, PPR Group is clearly expressed satisfaction with this achievement, the group said in all regions of the revenue increase in both the third quarter of its luxury brands have a solid performance .

PPR Group has nine luxury brands such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, but it is a relatively young group of luxury, 1999, PPR acquired Gucci Group (Gucci Group NV) 42% stake - for the first time investment in the luxury goods business. After a series of luxury acquisition strengthens PPR Group's position in the industry.

Currently, the luxury goods sector has been the main competitor of the LVMH Group, since 2008, the luxury goods sector contribution for the entire group's sales on the rise, especially in 2011, jumped to 40% growth rate in the first half of 2012 maintained at 17.6%, second only to the RICHEMONT Group.

Gucci occupy PPR half of Asia Pacific underperforming

According to the filing shows the the luxury third quarter of the PPR Group revenue rose 11.9%, totaling 1.59 billion euros. Gucci third quarter revenues of 914 million euros, accounting for nearly 60% of the Group's third-quarter revenue. The first nine months ended September 30, 2012, Gucci's sales of 2.642 billion euros, occupy 58% of the PPR's luxury goods sector, obviously, Gucci PPR luxury sector is second to none.

Gucci slightly reduced since 2009, according to the recently released "Chinese luxury report edge, revenue contribution in 2011 for the luxury sector retreated by 64%, and the market growth rate has been maintained at around 17%, but in 2012 six months growth significantly slowed down only 10.8%.

Last quarter, Gucci good performance, an increase of 24.3% compared to the third quarter of last year, comparable sales rose 7%, all the distribution channels to achieve growth, online sales strong performance for the quarter jumped 44%.

Benefit from the positive impact of the travel retail sales in Western Europe, sales increased by 14%. There are a lot of growth in North America revenue rose 11%, Gucci itself more attractive to local consumers to benefit from the growing local tourism also makes its sales rising.

However, compared with other brands of rapid growth in the Asia-Pacific region, Gucci's sales in the Asia-Pacific region slow growth, rose by only 2%, the main contribution to the sales or from the mainland of China.

Gucci contrarian expansion pace comparable to Burberry, quarterly reports show that, as of September 30, Gucci network has reached 411 stores, including eight in the quarter of new store openings.

35.1% on year growth rate of the low-key low-key BV

Niche high-end brands as the steady growth of the PPR Group's luxury sector contributing to the third quarter, YSL sales of $ 1.3 billion, an increase of 33.1% from the third quarter of last year, the comparable growth rate of 26.7%. Up to the first nine months of this year, overall sales accounted for only 8% of the luxury goods sector, but the high-speed growth of the Group considerably.

Fashion a statement widely circulated: "When you do not know what to express their fashion attitude, you can choose LV, but when you no longer need to express their fashion attitude what, you can choose BV."

Rich and famous advocate stealth luxury era, Bottega Veneta riding like a dark horse, its tiny invisible LOGO, low-key attitude, and quickly won the hearts and minds of fashion celebrities. For a time, whether with a Bottega Veneta bag has become the measure of a person's degree of fashion and taste weathervane.

Undoubtedly, Bottega Veneta Group Jhongjheng plays an increasingly important role, even in the luxury goods market slowdown in the first half of 2012 reached an increase of 35.1% growth over the same period, the strong demand for leather products for promoting the entire Group The main driver of revenue growth.

Continuation of 2012's momentum in the third quarter, Bottega Veneta is still eye-catching, third quarter revenue of 241 million euros, after Gucci, a year-on-year growth of 30.5%. Europe is far ahead of the growth rate of 42%, and the relatively slow growth of North America rose 12%, while the Asia-Pacific region rose 18%. In the quarter, more than 25% revenue growth in the Chinese market.

Sought after, Bottega Veneta fashion people can be won, of course, have to strike while the iron is hot, rapidly expanding, until September 30, Bottega Veneta network 189 directly operated stores including 9 newly opened store in the quarter.

Chi Bo Dingli jewelry watch

In addition to Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent encouraging growth in the third quarter the PPR jewelry watch brand performance is also outstanding, comparable sales growth of 16%. Watch and jewelry departments reported that revenue rose 26%.

The biggest highlight of the PPR Group watch revenue growth from Girard Perregaux decent performance. The acquisition has been the PPR get involved in a new field of time-tested magic, face the the watch luxury Nuggets Heights, PPR has been determined to intervene.

In 2008, PPR Group Sowind Group signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement to let the wish fulfilled, successful acquisition the Girard Perregaux allowed initially established position in the watch industry. This acquisition so that the only remaining independent senior watchmaking brands Girard-Perregaux and JEANRICHARD complementary the PPR advantages and the top leader of the luxury goods industry, especially in PPR and Girard-Perregaux R & D, design, brand management, sales network expansion and procurement The combination of expertise, to promote the development of both.

Of course, the ability to continue to maintain this growth performance, the test still to come for the PPR group.

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The silk scarf size 90 cmx 90 cm, unique design, iconic rosette pattern with another brand classic green red and green ribbon stripes interwoven learn ancient Chi classic design. Rosette which one is cleverly integrated into the organization's logo AMADE. Unique scarf excellence lies in its impeccable hand craftsmanship. The entire design using ink painting style, every detail through serigraphs are all hand-drawn and then to render; final, exquisite the Italian handicraft trim, so this section Silk Twill scarf perfect.

As a tribute to the equestrian event, including this silk scarf will be for sale (price 280 in Europe), highlight the sincere mind and originality of the brand. Not only the the Gucci Gucci Masters equestrian events during the (November 30) in the establishment of the temporary special shop bought, will also be a two-month sales at Gucci shop in Paris.

From the sale proceeds of this section silk scarves, Gucci will donate 20,000 euros to support AMADE philanthropy.

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Alexander Wang Classic Rocco Tote Bag in soft lambskin with shoulder strap and gold metal sudes on bottom is a fashion women tote bag. This bag has two colors, one is black and another is brown. The metal studes on bottom also have two colors, gold and silver. You can buy it in alibaba made in china by click me with safty paid and if u want to see more pictures about this bag, u can also view by that. That's a online-store sales cheap designer handbags, dresses, toys and so on.

About Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is a Chinese American born in San Francisco, moved to New York at age 18 to study at the prestigious Parsons School of Design Professional, the Alexander Wang sophomore in Marc Jacobs and Vogue internship. Alexander Wang is one of New York's the reddest youngest born designer, Alexander Wang  design called the popular and critically acclaimed, not only has won the CFDA presented fashion awards Alexander Wang fashion sales are also climbing.

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Gucci kids clothing
GUCCI Kids 2012 styling album of the fall and winter ahead of us to a white Christmas. Waiting for the coming of the snow in front of the window, wearing piles turtleneck will not feel the cold. Children wearing GUCCI classic print bat sleeve jacket with both hands slowly descended the snow, and smell the taste of ice and snow. Red cape for the occasion, two little hands, no matter how cold, want to fashion a small snowball.

The boy girl wearing elegant dress and wear a dress, revealing little adults breath, they are going to dinner and family, or going to participate in the lively jubilant Party? GUCCI Kids bring us a pure and warmly Christmas.

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Gucci watch shop
Gucci watches pleased to launch the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the the watchmaking craft demonstrations, the craftsmanship of the brand watchmaking factory is presented to the customer. The most outstanding artisans from Gucci watches La Chaux-de tabulation Square to Vientiane City Chengdu will show the process, customers also had the opportunity to see the exquisite detail in watch production and superior technology. The the watchmaking display also includes traditional workbench, raw materials and finished products show.

Gucci watchmaking craft demonstrations:

Two watches on display for Bamboo and 1921, respectively, on behalf of for Gucci watches ingenuity of the manual process.

Visitors can also touch "1921" case around the wrapped leather, feel Gucci bamboo material used innovative road. From bamboo bezel beeswax, lacquer sewing 1921 case of cotton and a variety of fine needle to be used, placed complete, each tool is impressive. Visitors will be able to interact with the artisans, ask questions, learn skills, and can be ordered on-site production of watches.

Scene otherwise the video player, about the craftsmanship of the artisans focus to show the production process, to make the display more vivid.

The watchmaking showcase designed to show the achievements of Gucci watches inherited the traditional techniques and craftsmanship. Visitors and customers can shop in Vientiane City Chengdu site interactive experience and a deep sense of the lasting value of the brand's watchmaking factory passed.

Gucci watches, jewelry Profile:

It is committed to the design, development and manufacture of vivid prominent Gucci watches Gucci watches since the early 1970s. With Florence watchmaker global visibility of its brand positioning unique duality - the balance between modernity and tradition, innovation and technology, both lead the trend yet delicate and exquisite, Gucci watches to the clarity of design techniques and brand positioning, has become one of the most trusted and permanently circulating fashion watch brand. Gucci watches manufactured in Switzerland, in order to design, quality and craftsmanship is known by the Gucci stores and watch dealer exclusive sales network in worldwide sales. Since January 2010, Gucci watches start selling Gucci jewelry series to take advantage of the years of accumulated watchmaking skills, and give full play to the synergy of the watch and jewelery industry.

the exhibits
In September 2012, has more than 90 years of history of the world-renowned fashion brand GUCCI pleased to announce the start "Icons of Heritage · treasured classic" GUCCI historical collection exhibitions, GUCCI precious historical exhibition held in China for the first time,to demonstrate to the Chinese guests GUCCI rooted in Florence exquisite leather craftsmanship deep heritage. November 15 to November 18, the exhibition will come to Zhengzhou Dennis Department Store GUCCI shop, held a four-day show.

With his dreams and ambitions as early as in 1921, Guccio Gucci in Florence in the creation of the brand and opened the first store. Today, as the world's leading fashion boutique brands, GUCCI is famous for its excellent quality and exquisite Italian craftsmanship, design, manufacture and distribution of popular people respected many products, especially GUCCI leather products, due to superior quality and celebrities Ascot whom flock to relish also left numerous precious images and stories for the world; GUCCI unparalleled design and workmanship, has become the most legendary brand attributes.

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the brand was founded in 2011, GUCCI on brand birthplace of Florence, Italy, Piazza della Signoria (Signoria) the known della Mercanzia the palace open a GUCCI Museum (guccimuseo.com). The rich museum conceived by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini in the museum, after years of sedimentation of cultural significance GUCCI Archives Pinault fund sponsored jointly exhibitions of contemporary art, called a well-preserved and reflect the GUCCI brand Forever Now the concept of life space also become the historic city of Florence, Italy and a place not to be missed.

If you are still sorry to not be able to travel to Florence, missed immersed spend a few hours relaxing on GUCCI Museum, so please come around you GUCCI shop. Icons of Heritage · handed down the classic "GUCCI historical collection exhibition will be the most representative of the Florence GUCCI Museum in precious brand collections to China, through the establishment of a special in-store display area, show to the guests in the well-known and chase The contemporary product behind the brand's classic logo with deep historical accumulation still carries unlimited dreams and inspire GUCCI continuation of the spirit of.

GUCCI The historical collection exhibition featured 15 collections, including handbags, luggage, footwear, and also presents such as leather thermos suit, backgammon set leather box, leather jewelry boxes, and the cortex blankets containing combination full of life, free romantic, delicate and elegant Italian lifestyle filling completely. Seasonal products on display with the store beautifully, like a walk in the GUCCI history gallery, feelings GG, bamboo (bamboo) Maxianshan buckle (horsebit) ribbon stripes (web), flowers (flora) brand classic logo after the still infinite charm of years of baptism, a taste of GUCCI positive maintenance and learn from the history of the essence, the dual cultural expression of to inject vitality of new product ideas.

GUCCI historical collection exhibitions will subsequently landed in other Chinese cities, including Nanjing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other cities, and will continue to be extended to other countries.

About Gucci

In 1921, Gucci was founded in Florence, one of the world's leading luxury fashion brands. Gucci is famous for its excellent quality and exquisite Italian craftsmanship, design, manufacture and sell the world respected boutique, including all kinds of leather goods (handbags, small pieces of leather goods and luggage), shoes, garments, silk, wrist Table and fine jewelry. Brand fragrances, watches and glasses from the world's top production and sales of the licensed manufacturer. Gucci products shop by brand Direct 411 (as of September 2012) and e-commerce channels two complementary modes sales. At the same time, Gucci by minority the selected franchisees, department stores and products store sales.

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The bag left is after more than a month of competition and vote, a collection of up to users the votes--Icons of Heritage-Cut & Craft

Design concept: a broad-brush and large surface stitching collision caused by the space cutting, to break the whole uniform. Tough shiny the horsehair emitted bright yellow color convergence flexibility delicate leather Diablo, not formed a strong contrast, but compatibility, this compatibility representative of contemporary women to publicity, hot and introverted, tough bunched up into a fit, open with together, just soft and economy.


1、╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ alive to make a thin film of paper horsehair leather effect, this is what kind of intentions ah ~! The works of the original intention is to reflect the contemporary art pop style, the horsehair use experience of urban white-collar perseverance upright soft and delicate. Different thickness of the leather straps, both Roman style of romantic, and clever lines to break the overall sense of uniformity. Classic package shall show the fashion sense. The bold use of bright yellow and black paint, but also hope that MM had to use the bag every day a good mood ~! The interesting fashion bag this section, and Andy Warhol and Mond Ferrie ~:-D

2、The truth: No law, seat of your pants. . . The painting has always been the seat of your pants to start with, to say the principle, possible is to use the principle point visual composition. . . This general are critics to the definition.

3、They oppress the line to do the cutting and pasting, coloring marker with professional design and full color comparison. Tin knife students a sum the horsehair effect tracing is very realistic, it is not said to be made ​​of paper, do feel like cloth. :-D