Gucci 2013 early spring vacation series bag large laptop shoulder bag combines classic logo embossed, and the red, green, hit the color stripes branding elements, chain and tassel embellishment to the more fashionable these classic stylesand romantic. In addition, in order to better fit together holiday theme, Clutch almost always accompanied by a diagonal band and playful tassel embellishment on the side.

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gucci 2013
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gucci 2013 handbags
Gucci 2012 Navidad Selecciones serie, el principal empuje de metal textura de caramelo de naranja, además de sentido moderno muy elegante también hace que la gente se siente caliente extra en el invierno, relojes, calzado, carteras, manteniendo las características de la marca elementos de la moda en la tibia.

Michael Kors famous American fashion designer, has a name in its own brand of clothing. He is a minimalist design style is simple and clear, like the use of advanced fabrics sewn clothing, cashmere knitting style is his forte. He also specializes in designing luxury sportswear, is not divorced from the reality of visionary love Paris, New York, with a unique design that won worldwide attention. In addition to the focus on his own brand, now often won the Emmy nominated reality show Project Runway Block accreditation. In addition, the writer for the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar magazine.

In 1959, Michael Kors was born to a Jewish family in Long Island, whose original name was Karl Anderson, JR, his mother

Pro Joan Hamburger Anderson Kors Krystosek a young man is a model. When he was five years old, his mother remarried Bill Kors, and changed his name to Michael Kors. At this point, he has been with his cute little face for some companies to start the ad, his mother therefore hope the son of a bright show future. But his son's love of clothing found in the process of shopping with Mom often. The 10-year-old when he store it in the basement of the "Iron Butterfly" began selling home-made batik printing T-shirts and leather vests. In 1978, he began working at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York). After leaving there, he landed at Lothar's the work of a designer and sales, where he began to hone interpersonal skills and upper class people, such as singers Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand. In this, he also learned what clothing women want most. 1981, Bergdorf Goodman learned that there is such a young talent, under an order, this is the beginning of "Michael Kors" brand.
Michael Kors kept a low profile in the 1980s, a group of loyal guests

Michael Kors mannequins
Michael Kors Fashion Model (20)
Strong support, but he did not jump to Donna and Calvin Klein kind of throne. In the early 1990s, he suddenly popular, his small business into a big business. But his Italian designer quit in 1993 when he was forced to go bankrupt. Grunge (leisure) Wind big scraped, bring his brand Ganlin, they glow with vitality. With established practice, the luxury of "Michael Kors" best casual clothing in the 1970s and star power in a humorous manner fusion, and reached a the hippie new peak (series name brazen, such as: "Palm Bitch" 10021 - Madison Square zip code). He also attracted French

The luxury goods group's attention. LVMH received Michael Kors's let him do those famous but antiquated fur as well as Celine garments. However, Michael Kors and Celine is actually very proportionate design studio after two seasons, is impressed by the design for the Americans, he signed a five-year contract. LVMH also bought a Michael Kors one-third of the shares of the business. In 2000, the company in Madison widely
Field opened his own flagship store. The perfume "Michael" is also released at the same time. Is also the year he won the CFDA Women Awards. Michael Coles to leave in October 2003, Celine, and began to focus on his own brand. His menswear brands in the market in 2002. In addition to the Michael Kors fashion show series brand, Michael Kors Michael Kors's 2004 establishment of the two sub-brand of MICHAEL Michael Kors and KORS Michael Kors. KORS Michael Kors the midrange series between the fashion show series and MICHAEL Michael Kors. MICHAEL series of products including female handbags, shoes, and clothing line. KORS products, shoes and jeans. Currently, Michael Kors, to open boutiques than Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, Costa Mesa and other places in the United States in New York City.

Works styles

Michael brand embodies the American casual style. He relationship between Celine and own brand is how to treat it? "They will be very different. Typical American style, but Celine noble and beautiful, more international, for example, it is commonly used in silk, chiffon, leather, these gorgeous fabrics expensive. Combined with our personality, with luxury romantic I did Celine newly installed, reflect the reality of women's lives can be very childish also more mature. "
Michael Kors view today's Paris Fashion Week rolled up to the new wave of American designers boom: now is the era of international borders, people wear the same clothes, just depending on the needs of life change. Japanese go to Paris from the previous development, to today's Belgian designer, the United Kingdom to help Americans fashion internationalization.
Today, Michael Kors is always non-stop between New York and Paris, Celine headquarters. His famous quote: "For senior apparel brand, can be prepared the clothes can dress the streets, not evil."

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Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and red become attached to the Red Army uniforms is red, his Santa Claus loaded is also red, his wife Alex has released photos of the the Jie team dressed as Santa Claus cook on Twitter, and his debut more than a decadehe finally can with my family for Christmas, and Alex's Christmas wish is "Santa" bought her pajamas and underwear!

Liverpool this round of matches on Saturday Ayala, 4-0 trouncing Fulham, Gerrard also scored its first goal, there is no better Christmas gift than this. Yesterday Gerrard reunion back to £ 3 million mansion and his wife, Alex, and three daughters, and dressed up as Santa Claus and cook. Alex said excitedly on Twitter: "Ha ha ha, Steven put on Christmas costumes for tomorrow night rehearsal."

30-year-old Alex, a manicurist, she and Steven Gerrard have three lovely daughters, 8-year-old Lily - Ella, 6-year-old Lai Kexi and 1-year-old Lourdes this year, Gerrard can finallyhave a complete Christmas with the family, without the need to leave home early to prepare for the Boxing Day game.

Alex said: "This Christmas Steven does not need to participate in training, this is the first time the first time he usually is Christmas morning training, however, to leave at night, ready Boxing Day game, but this year Christmas Liverpool holiday Premiership players have admitted to not spend Christmas at home is the most uncomfortable, while Gerrard is the best Christmas gift to his wife and daughters.

Expensive for Liverpool and England captain, his wife, Alex every year cook, prepare Christmas dinner for the extended family of 15 people, many relatives to help her. Then she wants to "Santa Claus" Gerrard gave her what a gift it? Alex said: "The cosmetics, sleepwear and underwear, I do not buy these things."

Gucci 2013
Karmen Pedaru and Alana Zimmer led to the interpretation of the ancient Gucci 2013 early autumn series of Women, Creative Director, the expectant mothers Frida Giannini productionbefore the reciprocal of the second series. Lantern sleeve + blonde red lips girl dressed leather gloves, gives the first impression of refined retro; improve the waist, waist cut, even in the absence of a large area of bare also appears to be a Gucci girl sexy and elegant; bamboo handle bag, Deco black gold wide belt, sexy T with shoes, leopard print square bags and other accessories, ladies' styling embellishment of the main fight of the season will be the high waist shaped profile Gucci more elegant and charming.

December 20 to 23, "Icons of Heritage masterpieces Classic is the" GUCCI History Collection exhibition will be landing brands Wuhan shop, let the Jiangcheng love glimpse rooted in Florence exquisite leather craftsmanship deep heritage.

According to reports, the brand in 2011 on the famous the della Mercanzia Palace in Florence, Italy, Piazza della Signoria out GUCCI museum display rich GUCCI collection after years of precipitation and cultural significance. Today, these treasures finally came to Wuhan, organized a four-day exhibition.

The exhibition, a total of 15 collections debut, including handbags, luggage, footwear, and also full of life presents such as leather thermos suit, filling completely free romantic meticulous elegant Italian lifestyle.

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Blake Lively on us like this astonishingly beautiful is not news to you, but you want to know how she will wear

So beautiful! Starred in "Gossip Girl" fame Blackburn attended held in Venice, the new Gucci

Perfume first episode will be, wearing a dark purple sequined miniskirt ... of course, Gucci had.
The debut will be held at the Hotel Si Pulai force, Ryan Reynolds, Blake boyfriend (ryan Reynolds) is her official activities on the male partner.But

He was hiding outside the lens - Black looks so beautiful, we can only imagine Ryan look how kind. If the two of them

The same appearance, the kind of perfection might make everyone Hold live ah!
The debut will be held at the Hotel Si Pulai force, Ryan Reynolds, Blake boyfriend (ryan Reynolds) is her official activities on the male partner.But

He was hiding outside the lens - Black looks so beautiful, we can only imagine Ryan look how kind. If the two of them

The same appearance, the kind of perfection might make everyone Hold live ah!

Chief premiere the other person: Blackburn perfume ad director Nicolas Win Tin · Leifen (Nicolas Winding Refn), Salma

Hayek (Salma Hayek), her husband Francois-Henri Pinault (Francois-Henri Pinault), has the logo of the company

Brand. Blake and Ryan in the Venice Film Festival in the city of Venice, today left Italy. They probably are ready to return to New York, the most

They nearly Blake spent his 25th birthday in New York Seprendipity 3 restaurant's delicious.

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Recently, Gucci establish a "the amblyopia medical training center" and "children with amblyopia treatment center in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China Children and Teenagers' Foundation and the opening ceremony was held. This means that in the near future, the Xinjiang region of visually-impaired children without alike can enjoy advanced medical services directly in the local. At the same time, the health care team in Xinjiang and its surrounding areas can also get a system of professional training, brought "around treatment for children.

For a long time, Gucci focus on to improve the well-being of children and improve education in the whole society. Gucci worldwide to cooperate with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to build schools in poverty-stricken areas in Africa and other places. In the country, the Gucci in 2008, starting with the China Children and Teenagers 'Fund cooperation, the China Children and Teenagers' Fund donated enterprises. China Children and Teenagers' Fund "amblyopia special fund, as of now, has funded 4,000 visually impaired children of poor families in the country's 25 provinces, municipalities receive free treatment, including 830 children with amblyopia Gucci funded. Gucci's donations not only for the treatment, but also to support the procurement of medical equipment, medical research work, the education of children in poor and remote areas of vision screening and amblyopia knowledge. China Children and Teenagers' Fund in August 2011, following the establishment of "the amblyopia medical training center" and "children with amblyopia treatment center for the first time in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, the Urumqi projects completed Gucci children amblyopia special fund" love in the light, "public projects again extends support designed to provide medical assistance to more poor children with amblyopia. Also Gucci 2012 continue cooperation with Tsinghua fashion aesthetic courses, support UNICEF Asia Grant Program, a major public action.

2012, Gucci China by deepening and the China Children and Teenagers' Fund, UNICEF and Tsinghua University, the co-operation of the three partners, the formation of a "student, medical assistance and training design talent," the three pillars of public projects. November 2009, Gucci began cooperation with Tsinghua University, sponsored by offer scholarships for poor students, organized Fashion classroom, as well as providing the best students went to Gucci Italy to visit the headquarters of the various forms of learning opportunities for higher fashion aesthetic education devotes herself; and in March 2012, the establishment of a special fund of Tsinghua University, GUCCI arts education, support of international construction and development of the Department of Arts Education and research. In July 2012, in cooperation after seven years, Gucci cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to expand into Asia. Asian Grant Program "as its first corporate partner, donated $ 350,000 to charity. By Gucci's support, there will be nearly 1,600 local teachers to receive training and guidance, nearly 28,000 children's quality of education and thus make a significant improvement. Similarly, cooperation with China entered a new stage. Over the past four years, the the Gucci contributions mainly used to help poor families amblyopia treated for free. Since 2011, "love light" community projects to support the development of remote areas of medical resources. The five-year project, select a city in the country each year, in cooperation with well-known local hospitals, the establishment of training and treatment centers.

Vice chairman of the China Children and Teenagers 'Fund for the generous donation of Gucci thanked: "Since 2008, Gucci has accumulated to the China Children and Teenagers' Foundation generous donation of more than 1400 million yuan for the census, training and education, while also funded 830 more than poor children to cure the amblyopia eye diseases. particular, so we moved to the generous donation not only Gucci Gucci's leadership and staff are also hands-on approach, to visit condolences poverty visually impaired children and families, in-depth project sites investigated The implementation of the project, sent the children a warm and caring the Gucci this heart children from poor families, will return on social enterprise development as the core content of the concept of culture, we deeply feel a good corporate social responsibility and social commitment ideal deeply felt the secret of success of an enterprise. "

"Gucci is committed to creating a beautiful life, and firmly believe that everyone all should have the opportunity and the ability, to go explore and create a better world", president of Gucci China District, Shen Xiang Mei said, since "Gucci since entering China, positive return on society. We China's commitment to a long-term cooperation with the China Children and Teenagers' Fund "love in the bright plan funded Asia Grant Program, and Tsinghua arts education programs, we hope to create a happy life for the children of China help building a "beautiful".

Gucci with China Children and Teenagers' Fund will continue to strengthen cooperation in remote areas further to meet the strong demand for medical resources, promote advanced medical services rooted in place.

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Colorful, elegant contours, back opening, Frida Jana Ni (Frida Giannini) is her most exciting works for the fashion show designed by Gucci (Gucci) - this high-profile fashion show opened the 2013 Milan curtain for summer weeks.

Gucci Milan Fashion Week, unveiled elegant
Wednesday's fashion show is a magnificent carnival inspired Gucci heyday of the kind of loose woman suit exquisite and elegant. But these clothes look neither retro nor tacky.

Miss Jia Nani positioning of the show is a "purist" aristocratic, meaning to go the minimalist route, at the same time took the descent of the upper class in Italy: the background emotions prompted board pinned Marui La · anie Lee (Marella Agnelli) goes the famous neck slender silhouette, the front row of the show sitting Morocco Princess Charlotte Casiraghi (Charlotte Casiraghi).

The first sets of clothing in the show are saturated color: bright crimson tunic tops and slim pants, clothing cut shows a noble sense of ease. The shocking eye of blue-green, sky blue, coral and sunshine orange reminiscent of the tone of the Renaissance, and the same time belong to the digital era.

The Miss Jia Nani folds to reconcile the pattern on minimalism - these folds in transparent silk sleeves rolling downs, slightly up in the 1970s to pay tribute. Jewelry from that era: a dense clusters of blue-green or coral jewelry hanging from his neck, with Japanese print dress or a slender white evening dress, the effect is particularly good.

Miss Jia Nani is not the kind of change the stylish overall appearance of the designer, but she must be red carpet dresses have a significant impact. People will kind of trite strapless gown aside and instead patronize the large openings Gucci dress: the back opened an elongated hole, exposing a large area of ​​the skin - but only in the back opening.

The perfect embodiment of the golden era of the catwalk as if Valentino. Smooth the models' hair combed to the back of the head disk into a bun; elegant heels for flat shoes useless.

The hand bag is translucent, combined with precious stones and Plexiglas. The only feels familiar is streamlined python pattern tunic tops and pants. However, these printing is also very attractive.

Albert Feier Di (Alberta Ferretti) design the key word is "liquidity". No, this is not alluding to Italy's debt-ridden economic difficulties, but rather refers to the kind of clothes she designed flow weightlessness, she said "Gravity missing. Most of the garments are short paragraph, personal tailoring, occasionally with slender pants and some pants long to the ankle.

Embroidery seems suspended above the surface in the flash clothes, lace stitch to create images of natural scenery, a bit like plankton or leaves. These embroidery fact is sewn on the transparent base material.

Feier Di says she is doing is to create a tattoo effect. But all her touching description can not hide this fact: These clothes are very complex, decorated a bit too much, although very exposed, but not sexy.

Models were wet hair, the scenery of the sea, including background music, all reinforcing the concept: they come from the depths of the sea fairies. Of course, from the details, the craft of these clothes are very exquisite, is a model of the level of Italian craftsmanship. However this Feier Di fashion show is very beautiful, but the lack of vitality.

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Gucci 2013
Gucci 2013 spring and summer conference, through the lens of photographer Richard Avedon and Gian Paolo Barbieri, Creative Director Frida Giannini (Frida Giannini) to reproduce their brilliant period (including earlyItalian haute couture works).

Gucci fashion show, through the lens of photographer Richard Avedon and Gian Paolo Barbieri, Creative Director Frida Giannini (Frida Giannini) to reproduce their brilliant period (including early Italian haute couture works). Show speech wrapped trousers cuckoo red tunic tops opening, creating a mood of the late 1960s / early 1970s atmosphere and feel good about themselves, the designers called "aristocracy-feeling.

Giannini said: "I like to dress this spring works with a different color." She also used in addition to bright pink, cobalt blue, orange, coral and blue-green, each piece of clothing is color cheerful, full of vitality. And models dressed in matching sunglasses and clothing and shoes and bags. The color is only part of the designers of concern, reflecting the elegant silhouette is more important theme. Recently, jacket and pants combinations are very popular, Giannini give their positioning is keen to support the spring works. She likes using flounced effect --- undulating curved outline around the shoulders and back along the tight skirt sleeves, so that the original V-neck dress enhanced appreciation effect. Clip pattern also plays a pivotal role in increasing provocative factors, and also let the clothes have a modern version of the upgrade. Designers like printing, but the performance is not obvious. Sack-like pattern printed on the clear Japanese paper calico, floral design inspired wallpaper from Japan.

The evening part of the designers use only black and white. The finale is very eye-catching clothing, a stunning white dress, accompanied by a coral jewelry necklace, as well as a halter black flounced dress.

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