Gucci has announced the launch of its Gucci Guilty Black perfume for men and women recently.

The latest perfumes will be aimed at a younger clientèle and 'more daring' than their predecessors, and the follow-up to 2010's successful Gucci Guilty eaux de parfum will be in stores in time for Valentine's Day in February.

Luigi Feola, vice president of global prestige at Procter Gamble, Gucci's official perfumery licensee, said: 'We tend to target moods, but this is aimed at a younger age group. We expect the majority to be new to the fragrance. They're brand lovers, but they can't necessarily afford the fashion offering. It's a great entry point for the world of the brand.'

Gucci creative director Frida Giannini told WWD: 'The consumer interested in Gucci Guilty Black is really the same as Gucci Guilty, but younger and more daring. The Gucci Black wearer wants to feel empowered and sensual. The fragrance helps him or her to be liberated and want to take more risks.'

Hollywood actors Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood - who appeared in the campaign for the original perfume - will return for the new, racier campaign which will see the stars locked in a moment of passion in the back of a car.

Gianna said the campaign's director, comic book artist Frank Miller wanted to 'create an amazing chemistry between Evan and Chris and bring the story to life just as I had imagined it - sexier and darker, full of provocation.'

The women's scent is said to be creamy and warm, featuring red fruits, pink pepper, lilac, violet, patchouli and amber. Meanwhile, the men's scent is more earthy with notes of coriander, lavender, orange flower, neroli, patchouli and cedarwood.

The men's scent will be presented in a green glass bottle, and the women's in red, but both will feature a black metallic finish.

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Gucci new perfume series - Lost Gardens
In the spring of this year, Gucci launched its new fragrance Gucci Flora Garden Series, paid tribute to its iconic Flora totem. Flora by Gucci: Flora Garden Series fragrance inspiration comes from the famous Flora flower pattern, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini explains: "I want to try to show love flowers dance woman charm by Flora by Gucci, romantic, and optimistic attitude to life. Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance to celebrate the Gucci woman living in the freedom to show her multi-faceted personality. "

By several wonderful fragrance, Gucci women will have the opportunity to explore and enhance their multi-faceted personality - hidden in the heart, and she occasionally flashing - she's gorgeous, elegance, charm, generosity, and glory. It picked a bouquet of flowers from the mysterious fragrance garden, showing her elegant soul.

Historical heritage

As Flora by Gucci, Gucci Flora Garden fragrance series design inspiration sources from Giannini of Gucci classic design re-discovery.

The story began in 1966 in Milan, Prince Ranier of Monaco with his wife to Gucci boutiques. Roldolfo Gucci insisted that Princess Grace select a gift, with the princess has been selected bamboo package. Princess chose a scarf. Rodolfo felt the store to the lack of a sufficient beautifully elegant Royal style design, so he commissioned the creation of something that he could imagine the most beautiful pattern illustrator designer Vittorio Accornero. Accornero brought his works: "Flora flower pattern, gorgeous multi-hued flowers, destined to become a design classic.

Flora flower dance of women can not resist the charm: points of their beauty and charm of the perfect feel. The mother and daughter who also share a love for it. One of them is Princess Caroline of Monaco, she often wore specially customized for the mother of the Flora print shirt. Another is Frida Giannini, she was young, her mother is also fascinated by this pattern.

In the summer of 2005, Giannini let Flora flower pattern on a canvas handbags resurrection of the world, so that the new generation of its charm and fascinated. In 2006, this pattern design once again extending the color and pattern reconfiguration applied to a forties style dress, jewelry and evening bags. As it began to flourish in the Flora by Gucci and Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance to scale new heights.

The Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance

Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance floral patterns from the historical to the adoption of the flowers, and, according to them, to create a unique new fragrance.

The Gucci Flora Garden young woman, mysterious, graceful - stylish but without losing the retro charm of worship. Her eye contact is much larger and more deeply, far more than that, it is the perfect fusion of power and elegance. Each fragrance, each color are exploring different flowers bloom, and revealing the heroine of the most charm and fascination.

Giannini commented: "The process of creation the Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance Allow me to express the various emotions of every woman each fragrance is unique, but when all the flavor combination, it is simply beautiful and temptation perfect incarnation of the muse. "

The second and third tier cities gradually become the main battlefield of the high-end consumer brand. Ogilvy China's consumer insights and trend research team also released January 7, said consumers in second and third tier cities in China are about China and the world economy. All brands put ads in the second and third tier cities in 2011 of up to 2.2 trillion yuan, four times as much as the First-tier cities.

Yanlord Land (Chengdu) general manager Huang Zhongxing this pleasure: "We are on the original intention of the city to do the luxury market in Chengdu is very correct."

Although the comparison to Europe, the United States and Hong Kong, the price of luxury goods in China more expensive by 30% or even doubled, but this does not affect the strong spending power and business opportunities in these Chinese "屌 silk city". The renowned investment bank Goldman Sachs recently released data show that in 2012, the Chinese luxury goods throughout the year spent $ 46 billion $ 18.9 billion, including the territory of consumer.

The second and third tier cities gradually become the main battlefield of the high-end consumer brand. Ogilvy China's consumer insights and trend research team also released January 7, said consumers in second and third tier cities in China are about China and the world economy. All brands put ads in the second and third tier cities in 2011 of up to 2.2 trillion yuan, four times as much as the First-tier cities.

LV exodus

Recently, one from Beijing, Shanghai's 30-person tour group traveled to the European circle, and also brought back a lot of luxury brands. Shen Li, a senior fashion editor, is one of these 30 people, she was surprised to find that, "cargo sweeping" action is not an LV.

Beijing, Shanghai and other places, has gradually spent a few years ago, "not wait for a staff LV, whether true or false" crazy period of growth. Shen Li analyzed from the perspective of fashion LV [microblogging] Gucci [micro-Bo] traditional luxury brands in China's first-tier city consumers increasingly "fall from grace" reasons, she said, and now first-line urban consumers in the purchase of luxury goods the pursuit of a more go LOGO ", they are becoming increasingly rational, mature, like LOGO less obvious brands such as Prada, and the most popular in the last couple of years, Celine, BV, a small minority, low-key brand.

Data to prove this point. Concentrated LV high-end consumers in Beijing, Shanghai city, store sales every year decline 5-10%. They also stepping up internal adjustment mode, hoping to retain the top consumers, but the result was disappointing. " Shen Li said.

She believes that one of the reasons that the LV in China, mainly to promote the low-end products which. LV basic models of products in foreign countries, a lot of ordinary people and even nanny to spend. "Of course, compared to advance into the Chinese market, LV, Gucci, etc., with more luxury brands to enter the Chinese market, and the Chinese luxury brand awareness deepened, the diversion of part of the LV sales is one of the reasons."

Saturation of the luxury goods market in China's first-tier cities, to the second and third tier cities market opportunities. LV have gradually increased in the second and third tier cities of Wuhan, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, Harbin, Urumqi, shop efforts. This makes the Chinese market flush with Japan, become LVMH Group 2011 sales exceeded 23.7 billion euros in the largest market share of the contributors.

In September 2012, LV 42 stores open in China in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province. North of Hong Kong, a jewelry brand marketing responsible person said, the first LV Shijiazhuang shop where Square because LV settled, causing many brands competing to enter.

The official also said that, in fact, Shijiazhuang are not a second-tier city, but business is still good LV stationed slowly other international luxury brands will be in attendance. Market in the north, the luxury brand is preparing to enter the second and third tier cities Taiyuan, Datong, Baoding, Handan, Hohhot, Baotou and so fast.

You can not underestimate the spending power of the second and third tier cities. It is understood, LV reason to open a flagship store in Chengdu, has ranked China top three because the previous LV Chengdu outlet store up to 900 million yuan of annual sales, second only to Beijing and Shanghai; Prada, Ermenegildo Zegna and other brands The performance has been ranked in Chengdu, China's third.

The research report "in-depth China: Change and Continuity", Ogilvy & Mather research team third in the past seven years, the focus in this market. The report re-examine the second and third tier cities market - in the past few years, with the development of the network, as well as second and third tier of urban residents' income growth, as followers of large cities, their consumption concept "more and more synchronized with the first-tier cities," .

Gun Sword, senior director of consumer insights for Ogilvy China's consumer insights and trend research team revealed that the two fourth-tier cities in China has a huge consumer groups in 200 million households. In 2011, the first-tier cities residents have disposable income amounted to 1 trillion yuan, two or four lines total disposable income of urban residents is about 8 trillion yuan.

"As a rule of thumb, the sensitivity of the fashion and trend of China's second-and third-tier cities later than the first-tier cities 3 to 5 years. Few years ago, the most popular in Beijing, Shanghai and other places LV, Gucci trend just transmitted to the second-and third-tier cities, and now the latest trend of Beijing, Shanghai and have not affected them. "Shen Li said.

The high-end consumer, "the countryside"

Similarly, in recent years, the luxury hotel to open up China's second and third tier cities market is in full swing and luxury. Sheraton, Sofitel, Intercontinental, Westin, and even including the Ritz-Carlton collective appeared in the streets of Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, and Urumqi. According to Chongqing Sofitel PR Manager Wang Qi, only 2012 Chongqing newly opened five-star hotel as many as five, including Kempinski, Hyatt, Hilton.

"First-tier city market increasingly saturated, especially in the hotel industry and Lots position, a good location is the patch of land is hard to find., Must be moved to the second and third tier cities. Third tier cities with the improvement of living standards and economic activities strengthened, also formed a certain source. "senior hotel management staff Caiyu Ling said.

"It is for the consideration of future market layout, and competitors, which requires the establishment of group superiority, the formation of a national brand value," Song Xiang, chairman of HNA Hotel Group, said, "particularly in the current second and third tier cities land prices generally rose background, if they are not shot, the future costs may be greater. "

However, to expand sales and luxury goods in China's second and third tier cities, plundering more profit, the new luxury hotel opened in two or three cities, basically at a loss. Song Xiang said, "This is not just growing problem due to include market source of the second and third tier cities Beijing, Shanghai and so many a thousand rooms compared to the price per night; every turn and Beijing, Shanghai and other places, Room prices of second and third tier cities are usually only about six to eight hundred yuan. "

Another obvious high-end consumer "countryside" case is wine. Zhang Xiang, a Shanghai Wine Co. chairman, he thinks, wine consumption boom is quietly undergoing a change from the first-tier cities turned to the second and third tier cities. Liquor market, it is more accurate to say that penetrate to the first-tier cities from the coast inland second and third tier cities.

In his view, the Chinese people drink wine, should be started from these economically more developed provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, and later developed to Shandong. Point a clear transfer of consumption growth in 2011, this year, the slowdown in economic growth in the Yangtze River Delta region, the plus before continuing accumulation wine investment bubble burst.

Almost all importers and agents are aware of the first-tier market has entered a relatively stable the dynamic equilibrium barriers period, the second and third tier cities with strong spending power is the focus of market development.

Zhang Xiang, the company is only in the month of December last year, to do a wine tasting, the venue for all second and third-tier cities, such as Changsha, Wuhan, Kunming and Langfang. As a the circle very experienced wine lecturer, Qi Shaoren lectures arrangements insight into the initiation of the change, one of his recent "job" is a golf club in Kunming, wine speak for a bank's private banking clients .

Zhang Xiang think this is the inevitable result of years of market education. In fact, the process of changes in market structure quickly. 2003 I went to Beijing Houhai Bar not drink wine in Mengguan the Tsingtao Brewery [microblogging] (33.83, -0.41, -1.20%). Nobody knew Latour, everyone says good wine acid, only Rafi, it was said that it sounds very familiar. "Qishao Ren said.

Consideration of the city

With the first-tier cities, similar to Wanda Plaza the Yanlord Landmark city format become an important place for the second and third tier cities branded consumer. The Lingyun sword that the administrative features of China's urban development, the integrated format of these cities and local government planning.

Of Qingdao Hisense [microblogging] Trading Company in the East China Sea Planning Department official said, Hisense Plaza, the highest concentration of stores in Qingdao luxury brands. Hisense Plaza, the latest senior department stores + SHOPPING-MALL "a combination of formats, the proportion reached 80% of the brand's total world-class brand.

In the past decade, this concentration of commercial real estate to sink to two fourth-tier cities in China. The Beijing Jinbao summary manager Lu Yi believes that this sinking is driven by luxury goods companies. "If these luxury brands into the second and third tier cities, developers dare."

Yanlord Land (Chengdu) general manager Huang Zhongxing think this is also related with the government planning.

Based on the idea of ​​the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chengdu placed on the western part of the international brands to strive to become the first station and internationally renowned fashion consumer destination. They made a goal of "Every year the introduction of internationally renowned brands and businesses 20, 2015, the western part of the international brands will reach more than 80% run first degree". "Luxury" and "luxury Appreciation two thick books, placed in Chengdu Jinjiang Business Secretary Zhang Weidong desk. He hope to able to hit the Jinjiang District, resulting in the western region of the luxury enclave. At present, the number and area of ​​the scale of the flagship stores of international brands stationed in Jinjiang District has been ranked third in the domestic first western.

In order to achieve the goal, the Chengdu Business Bureau has developed a well-known international brand suppliers, operators, agents and promoters incentive mechanism. Jinjiang District has also introduced measures to give a subsidy of up to 50 million renovation of the newly settled in the Jinjiang District internationally renowned brand enterprises ".

The Yanlord Singapore is the incoming investment planning. Under the conduction of such planning, the owners of the city's comprehensive format also settled in the luxury and high-end consumer brand as to enhance the taste of the city's commitment to the right place, and therefore will throw various promotions such as olive branch to the high-end brands.

SONG Jian-chao, Chengdu Retail Industry Association, Chengdu, the introduction of international brands in order to attract the customers of the surrounding areas. Meanwhile, the luxury retail can bring huge tax contributions. It is reported that the consolidated tax rate at around 10% of the supermarket, the mall luxury combined tax rate is as high as 50%.

Mall owners other considerations, will bring in other brands such as LV settled flocked.

In fact, in accordance with the normal indicators, many second-and third-tier cities such as Shijiazhuang, Handan can not achieve the stringent requirements of the luxury brands. Previously, these international brands new site study period of at least two to three years, "can never be completed within a year." North of Hong Kong, a jewelry brand marketing official said.

The international company is very particular about the data, in addition to the team dispatched personally visited, will hire a third-party consulting firm to provide information. Data of the local population, GDP level, the per capita disposable income, a simple peripheral data of per capita consumption level, a measure of economic activity, spending power, the old and the new business district and so as the content of the survey is strictly evaluate.

But now, the situation is very different. The official said that even if some parameters were significantly up to less than the requirements of the luxury brands, but they want to capture the market. "Plus our mall really heroic, offers many temptations." He said, according to the present situation, a luxury brand's new store visits shorten the preparation period of a year, which also includes the renovation period of two to three months ordering time, professional staff recruitment training period and so on.

The official witnessed many recruitment meeting, shopping malls frequently offered two or three million renovation costs, still point deduction, as far as management fees to the big none other. He also revealed that starting from the second half of 2011, the department store owners began to adjust the original first floor of gold jewelry brand to the upstairs to make way for the international luxury brands, now this phenomenon has been very common.

In a second-tier cities, a local department store's most influential is the transformation and upgrading, Dior, Chanel [microblogging], have been stationed in using the lease expires, department stores began prior to the sale of the pillar - the Volkswagen brand eviction notice.

The luxury goods distribution center in Hangzhou Hubin Street also experienced this transformation. Intime 50% equity invested 526 million yuan acquisition Hubin Street in 2007, this famous project is the transformation and some brands that are inconsistent with the blocks positioned invited into the high-end brands to existing brand line.

LV new president, 48-year-old Spaniard Jordi Constance in terms of the need to make trade-offs, LV sales, to grab more market share, to achieve the effect of puerile, or maintain the noble sense of the brand? The brand has lost its mysterious and noble sense, consumers will be a lot of pursuit "rare" to give up.

Shen Li, conduction effect will show future second and third tier markets will not like so obsessed with a particular brand. "Gun Sword also think that the future of China's high-end consumer market diversified trend, the second third tier cities consumers not just followers of the first-tier cities, may in turn affect the spending habits of the first-tier cities.

Li Bingbing's influence in the international constantly pushed as the Hollywood giant system "Resident Evil 5 global Reying of U.S. $ 300 million at the box office for the four major U.S. brokerage firms to look all the focus to her, in the repeatedunder contest, Li Bingbing eventually Whispering UTA brokerage firm.

Box office driven by popularity, popularity pulled the commercial value of international brands GUCCI signed as early as in the previous Li Bingbing endorsement contracts in Asia, the international brand has always been known as a keen sense of smell, the beginning of the new year, GUCCI Italian headquarters decided to broaden endorsements permissions, Li BingbingAsia approximately broaden the world about, and the line in the original three products (fashion, watches, jewelery), increased to five (glasses and handbags).

In addition, GUCCI teamed Li Bingbing its public service brand LOVE conference held in Lijiang, jointly launched the custom for Charity Bamboo watch and bracelet, these two jewelry by Li Bingbing person involved in the design, the use of bamboo, recycled materials, jointly initiated by the "responsible fashion", part of the proceeds will be donated to environmental projects.

It is understood, Li Bingbing the spokesperson of the GUCCI global across the board, the first of its kind in the world, with a the GUCCI global brand director Frida Giannini then, this type of cooperation in the history of nearly a hundred years the brand has never been before, not to mention Asian stars, and even the Hollywood line star, unable to enjoy such treatment. March, the new season's ads will appear in the surface of the window of the Global GUCCI store. The GUCCI Global Creative Director Frida · Giannini said: "the beauty of China, the world to see!"

Li Bingbing into Gucci centuries-old first global across the board spokesperson

Well-known international brand GUCCI as early as a year ago to sign endorsement contracts in Asia, Li Bingbing, along with Li Bingbing appeared in "Resident Evil 5" in the global gains of U.S. $ 300 million at the box office, signed Hollywood's first-line brokerage firm UTA international sharp smell of her rising popularity, as well as the next great global commercial potential of the brand.

The beginning of the new year, GUCCI Italian headquarters decided to broaden endorsements permission Joke of the Asia approximately broaden global about, and in the line of the original three products (fashion, watches, jewelery), increased to five (glasses and handbags) GUCCI global brand director Frida Giannini then, this type of cooperation in the history of nearly a hundred years the brand has never been before, not to mention the Asian star, even the first-line Hollywood star, are not able to enjoy such treatment.

, Li Bingbing has been completed in Los Angeles, the new season of the GUCCI outdoor advertising shot by famous fashion photographer voioe Sang Debo (S lve Sundsb) Zhang Jing. March, the new season's ads will appear in the surface of the window of the Global GUCCI store. GUCCI global creative director Frida · Giannini said excitedly: "the beauty of China, the world saw!" In recent years, with the rapid development of the Asian economy, the international luxury goods have to seize the Chinese market, as into new areas, in accordance with international practice, it is necessary to spokesperson intend Popularity, work recognition, awards obtained reputation index, public index, this series of indicators by industry dubbed the "Lord of the Rings".

In addition, it is more important to luxury brands and artist brands fit in temperament and inspiration, spiritual, and this is precisely the most difficult places, you need a long run-in, overwhelmed by the Li Bingbing become GUCCI global, across the board spokesperson creating a new era. Previously, international luxury brands of perfume, jewelry and other products will also invite artists to serve as spokesmen, such as Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman Dior perfume endorsement Nicole Kidman endorsement Chanel perfume, but few stars as across the board spokesperson. In China, the luxury brand in the past co-operation with Chinese artists, confined to project cooperation or endorsement forms of cooperation of single products, almost no shooting involving a large advertising and outdoor windows and storefront advertising comprehensive running.

In 2009, Li Bingbing personal public brand LOVE advocates "responsible life" 3 years, LOVE to initiate or participate in many projects, "Million Forest", "Earth Hour", "Climate Change Observation Mission" many projects. Joke of the environmental activists worldwide recognition and global Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the first Chinese nationality.

Li Bingbing said, "GUCCI and I do not want cooperation confined to commercial endorsements, a result we have been seeking a meeting point of each other in the public interest aspects of the public brand I LOVE hard for more than three years, and the GUCCI efforts in environmental protection and The results are obvious, the two sides have launched environmental special section of jewelry, watches, is a fresh start. "

Reporter saw the scene, the Bamboo special section watch case back is engraved with "Gucci and Li Bingbing for Responsible Life" (Gucci and Li Bingbing, join hands to promote the word responsibility life). Matching beaded bracelet with contrasting bamboo and palm tree nuts based on milky white beads, silver pendants engraved with Gucci and LOVE identified two were dotted on both sides.

"This watch and jewelry, and we share the concept of environmentally friendly fashion, honored more than sense of excitement., There is a deep experience of these years of doing environmental, environmental needs into the hearts of people, on the natural sense of awe, the salon of nature appreciation and love from the heart I hope more and more fashion products can be a lot of use of environmentally friendly materials to protect the natural beauty, passing the natural beauty, the responsibility of living on this earth, It is the responsibility of the fashion! pursuit of 'fashion' responsibility also hope that more and more people pursue beauty. "

It is worth mentioning that the profits of the sale of this watch and bracelet, there will be a part of contributions to the public good environmental projects to help Ningxia Desertification, cultivating, planting a large area of ​​gray leaf clematis, for the control of local desertification.
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The backstory

Inspired by classic Hollywood glamour, the newest women’s scent from Gucci is named after a collection of gowns it unveiled during the 2010 Cannes International Film Festival. The fragrance, as Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, explainedby e-mail, is meant to conjure a “highly luxurious and inspirational universe.”

Gucci perfume
What's that smell

Superposition of orange blossom and white flowers are female, but very sweet. Comparison of Giannini's champagne-shaped opening effect, the entrance to the red carpet, it may be involved in the territory of the Housewives reality. Floral musk anchor drunk, but wood and leather Notes have not been fully expressed - strange, Gucci's is leather house.


Also strange is the fact that no formal links to perfumers smell - like perfume administrator in the world to his name movie.


Art Deco style chunky design of the bottle as if immersed in liquid gold, keep the ceiling and glamor of the subtle signs Gucci the top, next to hanging around the neck of the bottle, a plastic or like a horse iconic brand.


Blonde Blake Lively (GossipGirl, Serena van der Woodsen) was shot by fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott movement. Character perfume, animated by e-mail, said: "[This is] eternal strongest, the most powerful woman."


The woman more genealogy image of attracted to smell the perfume itself. Gucci debut, to make them feel like a star, but who can say, this is not a success?

Factors stamps

Perfume officially unveiled this fall, but it's awards season, lead the charming red carpet. However, more commercial crowd pleasing baby transfer. Think that this is the equivalent of a perfume film plane.

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Ceremony Presented famous actress Salma Hayek (Salma Hayek-Pinault) attended the ceremony wearing Gucci Haute series dress, midnight blue silk georgette body crystal beaded strapless dress decorated with black printed leather belt at the waist and fulloversized satin bow with a crystal beaded clutch, Hayek vivid colors and moving off.
Salma Hayek-Pinault wearing Gucci Haute series dress
men’s fall 2013 collection in Milan.
During a particular spate of Anglophilia, certain image-obsessed upper-class Neapolitan gents of the early 20th century sent their tailors to London to learn English style. Having analyzed Englishmen’s tastes for suits with high armholes, a squared-off shoulder, a suppressed waist and armoring woolens, they came home and completely Italianized what they had learned. The results were slouchy and unconstructed renditions of a classic Savile Row suit. By the 1980s, this adaptation came to seem inherently Italian and thus gave the world the career of Giorgio Armani.

The international idea exchange never stopped, really, and a fine example of the trade in ideas was Frida Giannini’s fall 2013 show this afternoon for Gucci. The show overtly referenced Englishness in its silhouettes, disciplined proportions and woven fabrics — wired-up versions of windowpane and Prince of Wales checks and goosed-up tweeds that brought to mind Bertie Wooster on acid.

It was a fine show and the latest in a string of recent successes for Ms. Giannini. As had those Neapolitan tailors, she managed somehow to take English styles like a Duke jacket, a mackintosh and the convoy or duffel coat made famous by Field Marshal Montgomery and to relax and Italianize them. Upper-class Italian gents of today don’t dress that way, of course, as made plain in books about them produced by Diego Della Valle, president of the Italian leather goods powerhouse Tod’s. They dress like proper Tories.

Riffing on British formality, on cavalry cuts and country house tweeds, Ms. Giannini came up with her own subtle and wry rendition. Even the colors had the interpretive brio of those tailors from a century ago. Imagine a double-breasted greatcoat in robin’s egg blue, and you’ll get the picture.

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According to Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po quoted foreign reports, the debt crisis enveloped the euro zone, the debt-ridden Italian economy sank can not afford the luxury brand Gucci products produced birthplace town of Scandia Mladic, but benefit from the world-famous craftsmanship attracted leathermanufacturers to set up factories, Dior, Chanel and Montblanc brand-name suppliers, and blaze a new trail. The locals said that the face of the fierce competition of cheap Chinese goods, manufacturing high-end leather goods industry a way out.

It is reported that the Italian has a over 2,700 leather factory, mostly small businesses, employing about 20,000 people. The strong demand of the global leather Italian system, the industry is often a manpower shortage, majoring in the relevant professional graduates into hot demand. Florence, near the town of Scandia Mladic, in recent years, attracting a lot of peer to set up factories to flex its muscles, the significant increase in the number of local export leather goods, growth in the second quarter of last year, an increase of 11.3% year-on-year.

And, Montblanc last year aimed at Scandia Mladic's advantage, the sale of the original plant in Germany to bring the technology together with setting up factories. These included all sorts of quality control techniques, such as test the decolorization manufactures and wear, as well as high and low temperature of the leather. Factories and even robotic arm shoulder strap repeated test handbags load 15 kg, affordability. Appear anti-counterfeit, Montblanc also handbags, purses made ​​before the final process coupled with the brand logo.

In addition, Lavrov said the the Florence Gucci brand curators Anfei SEAT Gucci products are all made ​​by hand, the "Made in Italy" is a living symbol of the signs. The students studying leather handicrafts Patch said parents owned a small leather factory was forced to close lost to Chinese competition, she hopes to improve the manual skills to break into the luxury leather goods market, frankly strengthened in order to move with the times.

Gucci in early spring women's series for our shows the Gucci girl spare time and leisure time, the moment a drink at the bar, to enjoy afternoon gourmet small food stalls on the roadside, romantic walks on the beach, all show ... all the clothing, all the airlazy and comfortable to enjoy the good times of spring leisure.

Small fresh printing patterns, white dress do at the end, chic and gorgeous flower patterns decorated on the skirt, such as foot spring slowly approaching fairy; the tannins suits, handsome while filling Travel mellow; printed skirt slightly naughty and exotic, the asymmetric skirt blend of fine creases even more charming women; extravagance network Xiaobian also see Li Bingbing in the Golden Horse Awards red carpet through the pale green dresses to wear in different people. different effects.

2013 early spring women's clothing of GUCCI
2013 early spring women's clothing of GUCCI
2013 early spring women's clothing of GUCCI
2013 early spring women's clothing of GUCCI
Although here is a blog of gucci, i update one blog about christian louboutin. The christian louboutin is women's dream, fascinate all the women...
At the foot of that touch of red Christian Louboutin. Lengthen the leg line "Hentian hidden trace metaphor sexy red background, the women willingly tiptoe, let the men throw a little soul. On the red carpet regulars Christian Louboutin, people love to hate, love her attention incurred hate her so you can not walk fast stand.
Christian Louboutin Shoes
As a child, he often skipping class went to the flea market of Vila do Conde, Portugal, 16 years of age despite the objections of family and friends destined for the French shoe drop out of school to do a little apprentice. The a file television interview of SophiaLoren he made ​​up such a determination. In the program Sophia said of her sister, dropped out of school at the age of 12, the age of 50 to get a degree. "Everyone applauded, so I thought, well, if one day I will regret it, at least I want to be like her sister."

Some people say that high heels began in a man's vanity. On to beauty known Louis XIV, not tall, want to look taller and more authority, the shoemaker for his shoes fitted with 4-inch high heels, and the heel painted red to show their noble status. But this male vanity and later evolved to become part of the woman's body, although experts and feminists repeatedly pointed out that the high heels on the female body, how much harm, but still can not stop the women to take steps to change the road posture. Christian Louboutin may not be copied almost successful, it is due to his despair that can not be separated from women and high heels insight thorough, with that touch of bright scarlet exudes unable to resist the temptation. The heels he created as addictive drugs. Christian Louboutin said: "red soles like to shoes painted lipstick, people do not consciously want to kiss, plus on exposed toes, it is very sexy.

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