GUCCI is pleased to launch the elegant handbag designed by creative director Frida Giannini products - new Lady Stirrup Series, medicine box style handbag is this year's hot section of the package, the iconic the Spurs decorative inherited brand has always been traditional Italian traditional handThe perfect balance of modern femininity.
The series to the iconic Spurs decorative design features, from rich equestrian heritage of the eternal symbol of Gucci (GUCCI) brand has become the crowning touch of a Lady Stirrup handbags.

New products "Made in Italy" hand of traditional and modern femininity find the perfect balance, choose a variety of colors and rare luxury leather, cowhide, sheepskin, horsehide to shiny alligator covered with diamonds; more the distinctive pattern gorgeous velvet and Floral printed goatskin material, whether shiny or matte models are soft extremely also elegant and delicate.
black color gucci handbags
Night of hue variations, including such as black, dark blue, dark red, brown and green and other deep, intense colors, this season is more refined and sexy.

Lady Stirrup series of tough structure and framework suture underlines the meticulous craftsmanship Gucci (GUCCI) professional craftsmen: exquisite hand-sewing and coloring process, accurate interpretation of the unique charm of this masterpiece, a great choice for day-to-day or dinner dress .
new designer gucci handbags
The top of the handbags are decorated with a unique retro brass Spurs detail, a snap with diamond rivets, metal half-horse title buckle and sleek detachable mini purse complement each other.

Handbags lined with black suede or natural linen cotton material, internal with a zipper or opening the pouch, the golden pressure ornamentation Chapter reminiscent Guccio Gucci in the fifties of the last century's first trademark prototype.
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Michael Kors famous American fashion designer, has a name in its own brand of clothing. He is a minimalist design style is simple and clear, like the use of advanced fabrics sewn clothing, cashmere knitting style is his forte. He also specializes in designing luxury sportswear, is not divorced from the reality of visionary love Paris, New York, with a unique design that won worldwide attention. In addition to the focus on his own brand, now often won the Emmy nominated reality show Project Runway Block accreditation. In addition, the writer for the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar magazine.

In 1959, Michael Kors was born to a Jewish family in Long Island, whose original name was Karl Anderson, JR, his mother

Pro Joan Hamburger Anderson Kors Krystosek a young man is a model. When he was five years old, his mother remarried Bill Kors, and changed his name to Michael Kors. At this point, he has been with his cute little face for some companies to start the ad, his mother therefore hope the son of a bright show future. But his son's love of clothing found in the process of shopping with Mom often. The 10-year-old when he store it in the basement of the "Iron Butterfly" began selling home-made batik printing T-shirts and leather vests. In 1978, he began working at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York). After leaving there, he landed at Lothar's the work of a designer and sales, where he began to hone interpersonal skills and upper class people, such as singers Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand. In this, he also learned what clothing women want most. 1981, Bergdorf Goodman learned that there is such a young talent, under an order, this is the beginning of "Michael Kors" brand.
Michael Kors kept a low profile in the 1980s, a group of loyal guests

Michael Kors mannequins
Michael Kors Fashion Model (20)
Strong support, but he did not jump to Donna and Calvin Klein kind of throne. In the early 1990s, he suddenly popular, his small business into a big business. But his Italian designer quit in 1993 when he was forced to go bankrupt. Grunge (leisure) Wind big scraped, bring his brand Ganlin, they glow with vitality. With established practice, the luxury of "Michael Kors" best casual clothing in the 1970s and star power in a humorous manner fusion, and reached a the hippie new peak (series name brazen, such as: "Palm Bitch" 10021 - Madison Square zip code). He also attracted French

The luxury goods group's attention. LVMH received Michael Kors's let him do those famous but antiquated fur as well as Celine garments. However, Michael Kors and Celine is actually very proportionate design studio after two seasons, is impressed by the design for the Americans, he signed a five-year contract. LVMH also bought a Michael Kors one-third of the shares of the business. In 2000, the company in Madison widely
Field opened his own flagship store. The perfume "Michael" is also released at the same time. Is also the year he won the CFDA Women Awards. Michael Coles to leave in October 2003, Celine, and began to focus on his own brand. His menswear brands in the market in 2002. In addition to the Michael Kors fashion show series brand, Michael Kors Michael Kors's 2004 establishment of the two sub-brand of MICHAEL Michael Kors and KORS Michael Kors. KORS Michael Kors the midrange series between the fashion show series and MICHAEL Michael Kors. MICHAEL series of products including female handbags, shoes, and clothing line. KORS products, shoes and jeans. Currently, Michael Kors, to open boutiques than Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, Costa Mesa and other places in the United States in New York City.

Works styles

Michael brand embodies the American casual style. He relationship between Celine and own brand is how to treat it? "They will be very different. Typical American style, but Celine noble and beautiful, more international, for example, it is commonly used in silk, chiffon, leather, these gorgeous fabrics expensive. Combined with our personality, with luxury romantic I did Celine newly installed, reflect the reality of women's lives can be very childish also more mature. "
Michael Kors view today's Paris Fashion Week rolled up to the new wave of American designers boom: now is the era of international borders, people wear the same clothes, just depending on the needs of life change. Japanese go to Paris from the previous development, to today's Belgian designer, the United Kingdom to help Americans fashion internationalization.
Today, Michael Kors is always non-stop between New York and Paris, Celine headquarters. His famous quote: "For senior apparel brand, can be prepared the clothes can dress the streets, not evil."

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According to the British newspaper "Independent" reported, the long-rumored LVMH Moet Hennessy (Moet Hennessy) would sell the news recently some analysts believe will soon be realized. Allegedly LVMH will sell its share of 66% of the shares, is the owner of the British wine industry giant Diageo, Smirnoff and days Gali Gin took over. If agreement is reached, LVMH and PPR heart focused on the luxury goods industry.

The analysts believe that a recent series of moves by Bernard Arnault prove its upcoming sale of Moet Hennessy, the industry is estimated as early as next week.

Previously, Bernard Arnault immigrants in Belgium was the media they hate. According to the Independent reported, Bernard Arnault has been dug to its Dior Couture has been transferred to the of its Luxembourg company Grandville. According to some experts said the end of the year, Bernard Arnault some designed to change plans. According to financial research firm Artannes Capital said, Grandville It is by Bernard Arnault is controlled across the three countries, Artannes Bernard Arnault eventually through various operations with minimal tax Moet Hennessy divestiture to Diageo.

According to sources, the next step, to master the Groupe Arnault, Semyrhamis Financiere Agache Arnault family will improve Christian Dior in Paris listed to 70% holding.

News source estimated that, when the sale of Moet Hennessy, Bernard Arnault, Christian Dior shares up to 150 euros per share.

This summer, Berenberg analysts said, holding Bernard Arnault LVMH 66% stake valued at 1.5 million euros, once the sale of up to 1.82 million euros. LVMH spokesman regular intervals may sell or holdings Dior shares.

Previously, PPR announced plans to divest its mail-order business to focus on high-end luxury goods industry, because of the high profits of the luxury high-profile.

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Jimmy choo handbag
Jimmy Choo shoes in Beyonce Knowles (Beyoncé) song sung, and broadcast in the TV series "Sex and the City" (The Sex and the City). Jimmy Choo produced has always been well received by international celebrities and Hollywood star loved, Madonna in the wedding, walking down the aisle in a pair of Jimmy Choo brand-name high heels, many actresses to attend the awards ceremony costume of a Chinese clothing to wear his designs, and its design has always been to go noble style, create shoes both inside and outside, there are types I, put the foot is also very comfortable. American rapper Shawnee, a widely circulated song "Jimmy Choo high heels, inspiration because one day he strolled with a young model, she was wearing the Jimmy Choo brand of high heels, looking at the 4-inch shoes I put the pair of high heels, I eyed rap, now, everyone knows Jimmy Choo. "Yes, everyone knew Jimmy Choo, or every woman to know Jimmy Choo.

College student, I have been part-time, even if the boss told me to work on Saturdays and Sundays, I also apart from anything else, never ask the boss to any overtime costs, one day the boss curious asked me: "Why do you not asked me for overtime it ? now the British here, said the weekends, should I pay 3 times the overtime. "I replied:" You are the boss, even you will use the weekend was originally to accompany the family time with overtime, and let I have more opportunities to learn from you, then I can find fault with what it? "Later, of course, that the boss gave me a generous overtime, perhaps this is not overtime, may be recognized as one of the boss of my an appreciation of the rewards. In subsequent days, I increasingly understand: when you do not understand anything, do not pick and choose what to learn, do, and even pour some tea, you must first obtain the approval of others.

My success is not so legendary. I designed a pair of plum shoes in a show on later coincidental "VOGUE" magazine accessories Assistant, she was not editing help magazine chose shooting products. When she was at the show to see my shoes, I had left, she called me and asked me whether her photos of these shoes on magazine, when I feel a "VOGUE" very good, because that is the world's most stylish magazine on that magazine fashion circles around the world mean that people know you.

I would never sell his shoes, if you think my shoes, you will come to me, I do not need to do any marketing. Remember every time Princess Diana to see her favorite shoes are called I did eight colors, each color one pair can wear round match different occasions and clothes I own shoes to own wear comfortable, I would do a few double wheel with wear; but do not like shoes to wear for a long time a pair of comfortable, want the wheel to wear such shoes will save a long time.

In recent years, a lot of young people ask me how to become a successful designer. I want to say is, in fact, successfully tired, you have to pay a lot more time than others, from 10:00 in the morning, like I've been done late late at night, because one person to do a lot of shoes, but not enough manpower , only ourselves to work overtime to do it. But right now, have their own studio, with its own design team, can relieve a lot of pressure.

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Recently, Danone fresh dairy sector JordiConstans, officially became CEO of LouisVuitton Louis Vuitton. Selling milk to sell LV? A time, almost ridicule doubt the JordiConstans and LV pushed embarrassment.

LV fast digestion trend is clearly

According to foreign media reports, 49-year-old JordiConstans Business and economics, graduated from the Central University of Barcelona was Danone fresh dairy products sector, executive vice president and a member of the Group Executive Committee.

Some analysts believe that JordiConstans may face enormous challenges: Although in recent years the rapid development of Louis Vuitton, business double-digit rate each year, but 2012 by the European debt crisis and a slowdown in China, LV growth slowed.

LV extension posture reveal the characteristics of the FMCG industry. In 2010, LV high-profile claim a second-tier cities in China will exceed layout strategy, plan stationed in third-tier cities to gain a higher market share. LV watches and jewelery, president of North Asia, said that the expansion will be extended to three or four lines.

Compared with the FMCG industry, is not difficult to see the similarities between them. FMCG industry three remarkable feature is the convenience, visual and brand loyalty is not high. A large area to lose ground, control terminal channels, the channel sink to the bottom of the FMCG industry is an inevitable requirement of convenience, and affect the success of the main factors is sufficiently high distribution rate and effective control channels.

However, this JordiConstans may be a good thing, he may be more adept at operating in FMCG LV.

Fakes too much influence brand

"LV certainly take the popular route, its strategy is to take the amount of rapid expansion, including Gucci, they gradually lose its brand appeal." Zhou Ting, quality, dean of wealth a firm voice, told reporters.

In the "luxury Report 2012, by 3754 the Chinese market of high net population (10 million) to expand research shows that: China's richest high repeat purchase rate luxury brands as Chanel, Hermès, Cartier, BV, Dior. "Best embodies the ten luxury brands consumer tastes, but not LV figure. Just fake luxury brand visibility ranking ", LV topped the list, while more than 90% of consumers said they would not buy fake luxury brands.

However, in the "nouveaux riches favorite purchase of ten luxury brands", LV second highest. The LV sales growth, but the basics are derived from new customers.

According to Zhou Ting, in China, over the past few years, it is mainly to promote the low-end products, thus resulting in the Chinese consumer LV consumer level is not high; abroad, LV basic models to a lot of ordinary people and even nanny to the consumer. LV more respected abroad is its custom, and the most high-end product line, the quality of its core customers abroad is much better. "Moreover, LV's fake too many serious impact on its brand image, resulting in China's wealthy do not agree with the LV even buy LV products are allowed to identity points deduction." Zhou Ting bluntly pointed out.

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Gucci creative director Frida Giannini announced already pregnant, means that she and her brand CEO Patrizio di Marco joined the ranks of expectant mothers and expectant fathers.

This will be the first child, Frida Giannini and two Patrizio di Marco di Marco in 2009, has just been appointed as the brand CEO shortly after they got together. Giannini will still participate in the upcoming men's week and 2013 winter conference held in February. But after that she will begin maternity leave, has been rest to the men's week in June.

Frida Giannini and Patrizio di Marco, two in handling personal relationship has been very low-key, when asked about both feelings, di Marco true feelings, "very seriously. Would you choose in life, and you live with people , you will go looking for and the people you spend a lifetime with such a process of looking to match each other's hearts and minds. "

This season, Gucci is pleased to launch a series of the colorful leather identity cards (ID tags), each identity cards are decorated with unique gold embossed symbols. Each signage can be a perfect match Gucci handbags and the guest's name engraved initials, and accessories more personalized. This series from the end of October in Gucci boutiques and sale is the best choice of your gift. Its easy symbols including the Gucci logo and related representatives lucky, love and the power of the typical logo. Identity card (ID tags) series include:

Bamboo handbag (Bamboo Bag) graphics: bamboo handbags the eternal Italian craftsmanship and classic design is known, is a suitable for any occasion handbag.

Heart-shaped G Mutual padlock graphic: unparalleled, unique and extraordinary, this heart-shaped G each other the padlock where you are, and are unique Gucci.

The Chinese blessing Graphics: This ancient Chinese blessing patterns bring peace and good luck for the wearer. With it, the sky was clear and the road is flat.

Chinese Double Happiness Graphics: Double Happiness word represents happiness, your life of joy and contentment. With them, you will always get happiness.

Horseshoe graphics: The horseshoe will bring you good luck and success. With it, let your good luck go hand in hand.

Clover graphics: In order to find a lucky four-leaf clover, you might want to search through the entire piece of grass. Bring our signage, it will always be with you.

Ladybug graphics: the friendly ladybug flying in the air, to bring you love, luck and asylum.

Turtle graphics: small turtles firm partners. Along the way, it will bring you longevity, patience and protection.

The bee graphics: busy bees always around the flowers in full bloom. Let it bring you eternal diligence and indomitable force.

Heart-shaped graphics: with your loved ones and our heart-shaped logo, let life take you a weekend anywhere.

Pony graphics: this horse distinguished foals across country, to bring you the strength, grace and beauty. Take it into the power of your first line.

Falcon graphics: the proud falcon flying in the sky to bring you the strength, courage and determination. With it, you will be fearless of any obstruction of the road ahead!

, Gucci for the busy modern business elite is also prepared a variety of bags, the brand classic interlocking double G printing or red and green ribbon briefcase, colorful ladies handbags, bamboo bag, all for you work to bring the beautiful mood.

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