The bag left is after more than a month of competition and vote, a collection of up to users the votes--Icons of Heritage-Cut & Craft

Design concept: a broad-brush and large surface stitching collision caused by the space cutting, to break the whole uniform. Tough shiny the horsehair emitted bright yellow color convergence flexibility delicate leather Diablo, not formed a strong contrast, but compatibility, this compatibility representative of contemporary women to publicity, hot and introverted, tough bunched up into a fit, open with together, just soft and economy.


1、╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ alive to make a thin film of paper horsehair leather effect, this is what kind of intentions ah ~! The works of the original intention is to reflect the contemporary art pop style, the horsehair use experience of urban white-collar perseverance upright soft and delicate. Different thickness of the leather straps, both Roman style of romantic, and clever lines to break the overall sense of uniformity. Classic package shall show the fashion sense. The bold use of bright yellow and black paint, but also hope that MM had to use the bag every day a good mood ~! The interesting fashion bag this section, and Andy Warhol and Mond Ferrie ~:-D

2、The truth: No law, seat of your pants. . . The painting has always been the seat of your pants to start with, to say the principle, possible is to use the principle point visual composition. . . This general are critics to the definition.

3、They oppress the line to do the cutting and pasting, coloring marker with professional design and full color comparison. Tin knife students a sum the horsehair effect tracing is very realistic, it is not said to be made ​​of paper, do feel like cloth. :-D


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91 years of a time when the brand was born GUCCI Gucci, Gucci, July 13 stores in Beijing Shin Kong to organize a private cocktail party to launch footwear craftsmen Square to face the Chinese customers show noble leather craft from brand Florence plant. This GUCCI footwear craftsmen Square activities first came to China to show the men's style for personalized custom services, and shoe-making process of professional and technical. Site visitors can witness the artisans in the manufacture GUCCI leather series, each product great concern for details and exquisite craftsmanship.

The craftsmen Square show, including custom-made table, spare parts, carts, a sewing machine, a leather display stand and a variety of metal parts and tools, in addition, craftsmen Square, the scene is also on display able to demonstrate a footwear material reference to production sketches throughout the design process, a series of background material. The two-day event, the skilled GUCCI artisans produced the the Legend Moccasin MadetoOrderAnton two famous GUCCI men style.

Legend Moccasin shoes feature is to have the GUCCI iconic horsebit component, its unique cylindrical structure superior craftsmanship to complete. Here, customers can enjoy this unique process of different stages of production, including sewing, dyeing and assembling. Made toOrderAnton shoes while the soles production process, extremely soft calf leather materials and hand-painted features. GUCCI footwear craftsmen Square, artisans site for footwear color, showing remarkable chiaroscuro (contrast) effect, filling the rich colors of each shoe.

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Handbag Series Introduction
Gentlemen will occasionally put on a loose the pachytene knit shirt, more refreshing knee-length shorts to enjoy leisure time, but those hands carrying large leather handbags still reveal the whereabouts of the luxurious, from soft calfskin gorgeous crocodile pattern, classic retro styling and exquisite workmanship make people a sense of longing, especially a bright red handbag, do not know the new breed of gentleman who actually dare to ride it?
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2012 Cruise series handbags

Italian hall-class fashion brand, Gucci 2012 Cruise Series handbags teach you the interpretation of the perfect woman's attitude to life. Light beige handbag with its practical characteristics of the wild to become this season's hit single product.

, Gucci 2012 Cruise will series of handbags (10)
Tassels, leather embossed design of the gradient, and a variety of shapes and size to meet daily with the demand of all women. And some sweet color pink, purple handbag from the other hand, show the women fresh and soft.

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Gucci, an Italian fashion brand, founded in Florence in 1921, Antonio Gucci by Gucci. Gucci products include fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, ties, scarves, perfumes, household products and pet supplies, Chinese translated as Gucci, Gucci.Gucci fashion brand has always been known for high-end, luxury, sexy, "a symbol of status and wealth," Brand become rich consumer darling of high society, the business community has always been favored, while yet elegant fashion capital. Gucci is now Italy's largest fashion groups.

Guccio Gucci-The founder of gucci, was born in 1881 in Florence, Hotel Savoy in London, as a porter. The Guccio Gucci1921 Guccio Gucci back to his hometown Florence, opened a of Monopoly leather and saddlery shop, with the business expansion, new store opening in Rome, the famous Via Condotti. Although the reason for war leather raw materials, lack of, but Gucci is a timely creativity and mass production of cloth bags, popular.
In 1939, Gucci's four sons have joined Gucci career transition for the family business. 1953, the first overseas branch was opened at 58th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, Gucci became the international brands. It is worth mentioning that, Gucci is the ancestor of today's brand, in order to protect quality, Gucci brand name printed on their own products, which in the history of the world of fashion is the first in the world.
From its inception in 1921, Gucci has been taking the aristocratic line, luxury style of slightly tough masculinity. Gucci bamboo handle, bamboo bag come out in 1947, and then, with the initials of the founder of the classic double-G logo, lined red and green sash of the canvas bag and leather goods are starting to come out, Gucci and LV tied for the most common counterfeit goods in the world. Attached to the the Maxian ring of Moccasin shoes, designed for Grace Kelly Flower Scarf, repeatedly get praise, wearing Gucci has represented a social status and symbolic. In 1953, the Gucci brand reputation has been rising. This year, Gucci, Gucci Olympic died.

Since March 1994, Gucci has been a super heavyweight of the world's most influential fashion brands. At the same time, it began the global fashion industry's premium brand enlist sects, France Yves Saint Laurent and a number of classic brands have become a member of the Gucci Group. In 1997, Gucci bought the co-operation as long as 23 years, the famous Swiss watch factory Severin Montres, and thus full control of the watch business. In 1998, Gucci, good strategic vision, management and financial operations, the Union of European Business News named "European Company of the Year. In 1999, Gucci strategic alliance with retailers Paris spring from a single brand into the super multi-brand fashion Kingdom, and thus to become Italy's largest fashion groups. Today, Gucci stores around the world, clothing, leather goods, jewelry and perfume and other kinds of products sought after by the global fashion.