Christian Louboutin is expanding its global retail business in London and Los Angeles this month will open a menswear shop; comprehensive shop opened in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Chicago, respectively, of its retail stores already red 200917 soared to about 65 this year! retail business also contributed half of the income of the brand.

Alexis Mouret, Christian Louboutin, chief operating officer, general manager, said: "the store without give us a better opportunity to show a series of products, also gave an expression of the brand we open a new store, not only toto win customers, but also to provide more services to existing customers. most of the time, the mall store's business is not lower, markets are going up. "

Men's store is a revelation, originally Christian Louboutin men's clothing as a friends gift gifts to look at, but later discovered that men like them life women enjoy shopping. Did not enter the retail market in 2010, Christian Louboutin released a male series. Christian Louboutin opened its first global menswear store in Paris in August 2011.

"When the man came for a pair of shoes, Christian Louboutin men's store, not to buy a pair of shoes can be passed on to his son's, they are just happy," designer Christian Louboutin said, "With this in mind theycompletely different from the views of women shoes, this guy, they do not completely GAY to the woman like shopping. "

However, Christian Louboutin does not really dare to menswear shop away from the fashionable shopping district, he and women's fashion district close to the men's store in Paris, New York, London and other places.

Christian Louboutin popular men's apparel retail market quickly surprised, Men accounted for 10% of the brand's overall business, but the next few years will reach 20%. Alexis Mouret, chief operating officer and general manager, said: "In August last year, when our men's store opened in Paris, not even the soft opening, the first day of the store is packed with people, we believe that the next slow, but a years, did not mean slow down. "

Christian Louboutin men's store and integrated shop design and design company in New York 212box cooperation. Christian Louboutin men's clothing store inspired by the constant travel, along the way to collect the men. Carpet is designed by Jean-Fran ois Lesage iconic tiger, the wall is a diamond-studded leather walls, red carpet deeper than the usual Christian Louboutin iconic red shadow, there is another called Tattoo Parlor custom, customers can request their favorite tattoo pattern on the shoes.

It comes to the choice of the men's store materials 212box the main designer Eric Clough said: "We use each shoe 'leather, sheepskin to rawhide.

According to Alexis Mouret said, this year, Christian Louboutin Men's and women's clothing store has made a number of units, ranging from double-digit same store sales growth, accounting for 40% of the total sales per market is still the most important the fiscal year ending in August next year, Christian Louboutin would like to open 14-15 new stores, including a 3-4 men's shop. The privately-owned, Christian Louboutin annual sales of $ 300 million.

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