Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and red become attached to the Red Army uniforms is red, his Santa Claus loaded is also red, his wife Alex has released photos of the the Jie team dressed as Santa Claus cook on Twitter, and his debut more than a decadehe finally can with my family for Christmas, and Alex's Christmas wish is "Santa" bought her pajamas and underwear!

Liverpool this round of matches on Saturday Ayala, 4-0 trouncing Fulham, Gerrard also scored its first goal, there is no better Christmas gift than this. Yesterday Gerrard reunion back to £ 3 million mansion and his wife, Alex, and three daughters, and dressed up as Santa Claus and cook. Alex said excitedly on Twitter: "Ha ha ha, Steven put on Christmas costumes for tomorrow night rehearsal."

30-year-old Alex, a manicurist, she and Steven Gerrard have three lovely daughters, 8-year-old Lily - Ella, 6-year-old Lai Kexi and 1-year-old Lourdes this year, Gerrard can finallyhave a complete Christmas with the family, without the need to leave home early to prepare for the Boxing Day game.

Alex said: "This Christmas Steven does not need to participate in training, this is the first time the first time he usually is Christmas morning training, however, to leave at night, ready Boxing Day game, but this year Christmas Liverpool holiday Premiership players have admitted to not spend Christmas at home is the most uncomfortable, while Gerrard is the best Christmas gift to his wife and daughters.

Expensive for Liverpool and England captain, his wife, Alex every year cook, prepare Christmas dinner for the extended family of 15 people, many relatives to help her. Then she wants to "Santa Claus" Gerrard gave her what a gift it? Alex said: "The cosmetics, sleepwear and underwear, I do not buy these things."

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