The silk scarf size 90 cmx 90 cm, unique design, iconic rosette pattern with another brand classic green red and green ribbon stripes interwoven learn ancient Chi classic design. Rosette which one is cleverly integrated into the organization's logo AMADE. Unique scarf excellence lies in its impeccable hand craftsmanship. The entire design using ink painting style, every detail through serigraphs are all hand-drawn and then to render; final, exquisite the Italian handicraft trim, so this section Silk Twill scarf perfect.

As a tribute to the equestrian event, including this silk scarf will be for sale (price 280 in Europe), highlight the sincere mind and originality of the brand. Not only the the Gucci Gucci Masters equestrian events during the (November 30) in the establishment of the temporary special shop bought, will also be a two-month sales at Gucci shop in Paris.

From the sale proceeds of this section silk scarves, Gucci will donate 20,000 euros to support AMADE philanthropy.

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