Gucci brand is known for quality, creativity and Italian craftsmanship firmly believe, and this is very important: the human, environmental and social responsible attitude.

Adhering to the Gucci brand, Gucci watches jewelry honored to join hands with the Chinese famous movie star Miss Li Bingbing watch and jewelry series launched a new Bamboo environmental protection efforts made. Miss Li Bingbing as the latest quarter the Gucci gold ornaments and watch blockbuster protagonist, has been tirelessly for the cause of environmental protection the donated offer force, its charity for all to see. In 2009, Li Bingbing With his own reputation to establish LOVE charity brand advocate responsible attitude to life. Meaning as the brand name of L.O.V.E (Love), it encourages more loving way to treat our planet. LOVE the slogan is "the responsibility of the living" (Responsible Life), associated with "L.O.V.E Green" (love, green) action has a strong environmental action plan. Miss Li Bingbing to pay to get recognized all over the world, become a Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the first Chinese nationality.
Li Bingbing wearing Gucci 2012 autumn and winter series
Turning to cooperation between Gucci watches jewelry, Li Bingbing said:

"Inherent impression of many people, fashion and environmental protection is difficult to maintain a consistent, but more and more fashionistas environmental protection into the design, environmental protection has become increasingly important themes and elements of fashion, and GUCCI far-reaching environmental protection road go steady.

The I and my charity brand LOVE with GUCCI released of this bamboo watches and jewelry, and shared with them the concept of environmentally friendly fashion, honored more than thrilled.

A deep experience of these years of doing environmental, environmental needs into the hearts of people, the natural sense of awe, and natural hair from the inside to appreciate and love. I hope more and more fashion products can be a lot of use of environmentally friendly materials to protect the natural beauty, passing natural beauty, has the responsibility of living on this earth, it is the responsibility of the fashion! Also hope that more and more people pursue beauty to the pursuit of 'fashion' responsibility. '

Bamboo Series Li Bingbing special paragraph Ms. watch with a circular design, with a dazzling light bamboo material bezel. Code (35 mm) watch bracelets, watches with stainless steel and bamboo materials, the clasp Maxianshan with Gucci logo. Dial with ivory, express a whole watch creamy color scheme; the designs continue minimalist style, only to be decorated with a few Roman hour markers. "Gucci" logo and "Swiss Made" (Switzerland) words were engraved at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position. As an indication that cooperation between the two sides, the case back is engraved with "Gucci and Li Bingbing for Responsible Life" (Gucci and Li Bingbing, join hands to promote a life of responsibility) words.
BAMBOO watch and bracelet
Watch-with the special paragraph Bamboo series is a beaded bracelet, it is a special section of the Gucci jewelry Bamboo Series. This exquisite beaded bracelet with contrasting wood and bamboo and are based on the palm tree nuts milky white beads hand-strung. Adjustable string rope bracelet decorated with a pure silver beads, engraved with "Gucci" logo; two sterling silver pendant engraved with "Gucci" logo and Li Bingbing "responsible life" (Responsible Life) logo were dotted on both sides.

Nuts of palm trees is a sustainable use of materials, known as "vegetable ivory". The use of renewable materials, indicating that Gucci watches jewelry seek to use sustainable use of material desire, especially palm tree nuts completely replace the raw materials, demand for ivory from elephants, whales, walruses and other animals.

Commenting on the cooperation and the new Bamboo products, Gucci watches jewelry CEO Michele Sofisti said: "We are very pleased to further expand cooperation between Miss Li Bingbing, this cooperation projects reflect the Gucci and Miss Li Bingbing these products reflect a commitment to protect the environment. ecological spirit, because of natural bamboo elements into their design. "

January 17, 2013, Gucci watches jewelry formally announce this partnership will Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China, then, the brand will host an event specifically in the historic city of Lijiang was listed by UNESCO as World Heritage List, when Lee the Bingbing Miss will also visit the site.

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