Colorful, elegant contours, back opening, Frida Jana Ni (Frida Giannini) is her most exciting works for the fashion show designed by Gucci (Gucci) - this high-profile fashion show opened the 2013 Milan curtain for summer weeks.

Gucci Milan Fashion Week, unveiled elegant
Wednesday's fashion show is a magnificent carnival inspired Gucci heyday of the kind of loose woman suit exquisite and elegant. But these clothes look neither retro nor tacky.

Miss Jia Nani positioning of the show is a "purist" aristocratic, meaning to go the minimalist route, at the same time took the descent of the upper class in Italy: the background emotions prompted board pinned Marui La · anie Lee (Marella Agnelli) goes the famous neck slender silhouette, the front row of the show sitting Morocco Princess Charlotte Casiraghi (Charlotte Casiraghi).

The first sets of clothing in the show are saturated color: bright crimson tunic tops and slim pants, clothing cut shows a noble sense of ease. The shocking eye of blue-green, sky blue, coral and sunshine orange reminiscent of the tone of the Renaissance, and the same time belong to the digital era.

The Miss Jia Nani folds to reconcile the pattern on minimalism - these folds in transparent silk sleeves rolling downs, slightly up in the 1970s to pay tribute. Jewelry from that era: a dense clusters of blue-green or coral jewelry hanging from his neck, with Japanese print dress or a slender white evening dress, the effect is particularly good.

Miss Jia Nani is not the kind of change the stylish overall appearance of the designer, but she must be red carpet dresses have a significant impact. People will kind of trite strapless gown aside and instead patronize the large openings Gucci dress: the back opened an elongated hole, exposing a large area of ​​the skin - but only in the back opening.

The perfect embodiment of the golden era of the catwalk as if Valentino. Smooth the models' hair combed to the back of the head disk into a bun; elegant heels for flat shoes useless.

The hand bag is translucent, combined with precious stones and Plexiglas. The only feels familiar is streamlined python pattern tunic tops and pants. However, these printing is also very attractive.

Albert Feier Di (Alberta Ferretti) design the key word is "liquidity". No, this is not alluding to Italy's debt-ridden economic difficulties, but rather refers to the kind of clothes she designed flow weightlessness, she said "Gravity missing. Most of the garments are short paragraph, personal tailoring, occasionally with slender pants and some pants long to the ankle.

Embroidery seems suspended above the surface in the flash clothes, lace stitch to create images of natural scenery, a bit like plankton or leaves. These embroidery fact is sewn on the transparent base material.

Feier Di says she is doing is to create a tattoo effect. But all her touching description can not hide this fact: These clothes are very complex, decorated a bit too much, although very exposed, but not sexy.

Models were wet hair, the scenery of the sea, including background music, all reinforcing the concept: they come from the depths of the sea fairies. Of course, from the details, the craft of these clothes are very exquisite, is a model of the level of Italian craftsmanship. However this Feier Di fashion show is very beautiful, but the lack of vitality.

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