According to Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po quoted foreign reports, the debt crisis enveloped the euro zone, the debt-ridden Italian economy sank can not afford the luxury brand Gucci products produced birthplace town of Scandia Mladic, but benefit from the world-famous craftsmanship attracted leathermanufacturers to set up factories, Dior, Chanel and Montblanc brand-name suppliers, and blaze a new trail. The locals said that the face of the fierce competition of cheap Chinese goods, manufacturing high-end leather goods industry a way out.

It is reported that the Italian has a over 2,700 leather factory, mostly small businesses, employing about 20,000 people. The strong demand of the global leather Italian system, the industry is often a manpower shortage, majoring in the relevant professional graduates into hot demand. Florence, near the town of Scandia Mladic, in recent years, attracting a lot of peer to set up factories to flex its muscles, the significant increase in the number of local export leather goods, growth in the second quarter of last year, an increase of 11.3% year-on-year.

And, Montblanc last year aimed at Scandia Mladic's advantage, the sale of the original plant in Germany to bring the technology together with setting up factories. These included all sorts of quality control techniques, such as test the decolorization manufactures and wear, as well as high and low temperature of the leather. Factories and even robotic arm shoulder strap repeated test handbags load 15 kg, affordability. Appear anti-counterfeit, Montblanc also handbags, purses made ​​before the final process coupled with the brand logo.

In addition, Lavrov said the the Florence Gucci brand curators Anfei SEAT Gucci products are all made ​​by hand, the "Made in Italy" is a living symbol of the signs. The students studying leather handicrafts Patch said parents owned a small leather factory was forced to close lost to Chinese competition, she hopes to improve the manual skills to break into the luxury leather goods market, frankly strengthened in order to move with the times.

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