Recently, Danone fresh dairy sector JordiConstans, officially became CEO of LouisVuitton Louis Vuitton. Selling milk to sell LV? A time, almost ridicule doubt the JordiConstans and LV pushed embarrassment.

LV fast digestion trend is clearly

According to foreign media reports, 49-year-old JordiConstans Business and economics, graduated from the Central University of Barcelona was Danone fresh dairy products sector, executive vice president and a member of the Group Executive Committee.

Some analysts believe that JordiConstans may face enormous challenges: Although in recent years the rapid development of Louis Vuitton, business double-digit rate each year, but 2012 by the European debt crisis and a slowdown in China, LV growth slowed.

LV extension posture reveal the characteristics of the FMCG industry. In 2010, LV high-profile claim a second-tier cities in China will exceed layout strategy, plan stationed in third-tier cities to gain a higher market share. LV watches and jewelery, president of North Asia, said that the expansion will be extended to three or four lines.

Compared with the FMCG industry, is not difficult to see the similarities between them. FMCG industry three remarkable feature is the convenience, visual and brand loyalty is not high. A large area to lose ground, control terminal channels, the channel sink to the bottom of the FMCG industry is an inevitable requirement of convenience, and affect the success of the main factors is sufficiently high distribution rate and effective control channels.

However, this JordiConstans may be a good thing, he may be more adept at operating in FMCG LV.

Fakes too much influence brand

"LV certainly take the popular route, its strategy is to take the amount of rapid expansion, including Gucci, they gradually lose its brand appeal." Zhou Ting, quality, dean of wealth a firm voice, told reporters.

In the "luxury Report 2012, by 3754 the Chinese market of high net population (10 million) to expand research shows that: China's richest high repeat purchase rate luxury brands as Chanel, Hermès, Cartier, BV, Dior. "Best embodies the ten luxury brands consumer tastes, but not LV figure. Just fake luxury brand visibility ranking ", LV topped the list, while more than 90% of consumers said they would not buy fake luxury brands.

However, in the "nouveaux riches favorite purchase of ten luxury brands", LV second highest. The LV sales growth, but the basics are derived from new customers.

According to Zhou Ting, in China, over the past few years, it is mainly to promote the low-end products, thus resulting in the Chinese consumer LV consumer level is not high; abroad, LV basic models to a lot of ordinary people and even nanny to the consumer. LV more respected abroad is its custom, and the most high-end product line, the quality of its core customers abroad is much better. "Moreover, LV's fake too many serious impact on its brand image, resulting in China's wealthy do not agree with the LV even buy LV products are allowed to identity points deduction." Zhou Ting bluntly pointed out.

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