According to the British newspaper "Independent" reported, the long-rumored LVMH Moet Hennessy (Moet Hennessy) would sell the news recently some analysts believe will soon be realized. Allegedly LVMH will sell its share of 66% of the shares, is the owner of the British wine industry giant Diageo, Smirnoff and days Gali Gin took over. If agreement is reached, LVMH and PPR heart focused on the luxury goods industry.

The analysts believe that a recent series of moves by Bernard Arnault prove its upcoming sale of Moet Hennessy, the industry is estimated as early as next week.

Previously, Bernard Arnault immigrants in Belgium was the media they hate. According to the Independent reported, Bernard Arnault has been dug to its Dior Couture has been transferred to the of its Luxembourg company Grandville. According to some experts said the end of the year, Bernard Arnault some designed to change plans. According to financial research firm Artannes Capital said, Grandville It is by Bernard Arnault is controlled across the three countries, Artannes Bernard Arnault eventually through various operations with minimal tax Moet Hennessy divestiture to Diageo.

According to sources, the next step, to master the Groupe Arnault, Semyrhamis Financiere Agache Arnault family will improve Christian Dior in Paris listed to 70% holding.

News source estimated that, when the sale of Moet Hennessy, Bernard Arnault, Christian Dior shares up to 150 euros per share.

This summer, Berenberg analysts said, holding Bernard Arnault LVMH 66% stake valued at 1.5 million euros, once the sale of up to 1.82 million euros. LVMH spokesman regular intervals may sell or holdings Dior shares.

Previously, PPR announced plans to divest its mail-order business to focus on high-end luxury goods industry, because of the high profits of the luxury high-profile.

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