Gucci new perfume series - Lost Gardens
In the spring of this year, Gucci launched its new fragrance Gucci Flora Garden Series, paid tribute to its iconic Flora totem. Flora by Gucci: Flora Garden Series fragrance inspiration comes from the famous Flora flower pattern, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini explains: "I want to try to show love flowers dance woman charm by Flora by Gucci, romantic, and optimistic attitude to life. Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance to celebrate the Gucci woman living in the freedom to show her multi-faceted personality. "

By several wonderful fragrance, Gucci women will have the opportunity to explore and enhance their multi-faceted personality - hidden in the heart, and she occasionally flashing - she's gorgeous, elegance, charm, generosity, and glory. It picked a bouquet of flowers from the mysterious fragrance garden, showing her elegant soul.

Historical heritage

As Flora by Gucci, Gucci Flora Garden fragrance series design inspiration sources from Giannini of Gucci classic design re-discovery.

The story began in 1966 in Milan, Prince Ranier of Monaco with his wife to Gucci boutiques. Roldolfo Gucci insisted that Princess Grace select a gift, with the princess has been selected bamboo package. Princess chose a scarf. Rodolfo felt the store to the lack of a sufficient beautifully elegant Royal style design, so he commissioned the creation of something that he could imagine the most beautiful pattern illustrator designer Vittorio Accornero. Accornero brought his works: "Flora flower pattern, gorgeous multi-hued flowers, destined to become a design classic.

Flora flower dance of women can not resist the charm: points of their beauty and charm of the perfect feel. The mother and daughter who also share a love for it. One of them is Princess Caroline of Monaco, she often wore specially customized for the mother of the Flora print shirt. Another is Frida Giannini, she was young, her mother is also fascinated by this pattern.

In the summer of 2005, Giannini let Flora flower pattern on a canvas handbags resurrection of the world, so that the new generation of its charm and fascinated. In 2006, this pattern design once again extending the color and pattern reconfiguration applied to a forties style dress, jewelry and evening bags. As it began to flourish in the Flora by Gucci and Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance to scale new heights.

The Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance

Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance floral patterns from the historical to the adoption of the flowers, and, according to them, to create a unique new fragrance.

The Gucci Flora Garden young woman, mysterious, graceful - stylish but without losing the retro charm of worship. Her eye contact is much larger and more deeply, far more than that, it is the perfect fusion of power and elegance. Each fragrance, each color are exploring different flowers bloom, and revealing the heroine of the most charm and fascination.

Giannini commented: "The process of creation the Gucci Flora Garden Series fragrance Allow me to express the various emotions of every woman each fragrance is unique, but when all the flavor combination, it is simply beautiful and temptation perfect incarnation of the muse. "

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