Recently, Gucci establish a "the amblyopia medical training center" and "children with amblyopia treatment center in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China Children and Teenagers' Foundation and the opening ceremony was held. This means that in the near future, the Xinjiang region of visually-impaired children without alike can enjoy advanced medical services directly in the local. At the same time, the health care team in Xinjiang and its surrounding areas can also get a system of professional training, brought "around treatment for children.

For a long time, Gucci focus on to improve the well-being of children and improve education in the whole society. Gucci worldwide to cooperate with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to build schools in poverty-stricken areas in Africa and other places. In the country, the Gucci in 2008, starting with the China Children and Teenagers 'Fund cooperation, the China Children and Teenagers' Fund donated enterprises. China Children and Teenagers' Fund "amblyopia special fund, as of now, has funded 4,000 visually impaired children of poor families in the country's 25 provinces, municipalities receive free treatment, including 830 children with amblyopia Gucci funded. Gucci's donations not only for the treatment, but also to support the procurement of medical equipment, medical research work, the education of children in poor and remote areas of vision screening and amblyopia knowledge. China Children and Teenagers' Fund in August 2011, following the establishment of "the amblyopia medical training center" and "children with amblyopia treatment center for the first time in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, the Urumqi projects completed Gucci children amblyopia special fund" love in the light, "public projects again extends support designed to provide medical assistance to more poor children with amblyopia. Also Gucci 2012 continue cooperation with Tsinghua fashion aesthetic courses, support UNICEF Asia Grant Program, a major public action.

2012, Gucci China by deepening and the China Children and Teenagers' Fund, UNICEF and Tsinghua University, the co-operation of the three partners, the formation of a "student, medical assistance and training design talent," the three pillars of public projects. November 2009, Gucci began cooperation with Tsinghua University, sponsored by offer scholarships for poor students, organized Fashion classroom, as well as providing the best students went to Gucci Italy to visit the headquarters of the various forms of learning opportunities for higher fashion aesthetic education devotes herself; and in March 2012, the establishment of a special fund of Tsinghua University, GUCCI arts education, support of international construction and development of the Department of Arts Education and research. In July 2012, in cooperation after seven years, Gucci cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to expand into Asia. Asian Grant Program "as its first corporate partner, donated $ 350,000 to charity. By Gucci's support, there will be nearly 1,600 local teachers to receive training and guidance, nearly 28,000 children's quality of education and thus make a significant improvement. Similarly, cooperation with China entered a new stage. Over the past four years, the the Gucci contributions mainly used to help poor families amblyopia treated for free. Since 2011, "love light" community projects to support the development of remote areas of medical resources. The five-year project, select a city in the country each year, in cooperation with well-known local hospitals, the establishment of training and treatment centers.

Vice chairman of the China Children and Teenagers 'Fund for the generous donation of Gucci thanked: "Since 2008, Gucci has accumulated to the China Children and Teenagers' Foundation generous donation of more than 1400 million yuan for the census, training and education, while also funded 830 more than poor children to cure the amblyopia eye diseases. particular, so we moved to the generous donation not only Gucci Gucci's leadership and staff are also hands-on approach, to visit condolences poverty visually impaired children and families, in-depth project sites investigated The implementation of the project, sent the children a warm and caring the Gucci this heart children from poor families, will return on social enterprise development as the core content of the concept of culture, we deeply feel a good corporate social responsibility and social commitment ideal deeply felt the secret of success of an enterprise. "

"Gucci is committed to creating a beautiful life, and firmly believe that everyone all should have the opportunity and the ability, to go explore and create a better world", president of Gucci China District, Shen Xiang Mei said, since "Gucci since entering China, positive return on society. We China's commitment to a long-term cooperation with the China Children and Teenagers' Fund "love in the bright plan funded Asia Grant Program, and Tsinghua arts education programs, we hope to create a happy life for the children of China help building a "beautiful".

Gucci with China Children and Teenagers' Fund will continue to strengthen cooperation in remote areas further to meet the strong demand for medical resources, promote advanced medical services rooted in place.

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