How to identify the leather is not really
Identify the genuine and fake leather
To learn leather first master how to distinguish between true and false, "leather" in the leather goods industry, the most common words, but also the people the difference between synthetic leather and a habit called the dermis, the dermis of a wide range of different quality, so the price Also disparities.
Leather, depending upon the type of common pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, horsehide. The cowhide is divided into yellow leather and buffalo leather; the sheepskin into goat and sheep skin. The first layer, the second and three points according to their level. Fur & Leather, depending upon the type of major fox fur leather, goat fur leather angora Qiuge, water Diaoqiu leather, etc., the fox is divided into blue fox, silver fox and red fox; goats into adult goats and adult goats, rabbits The hair is divided into the grass Yellow Rabbit, Rabbit, white Maotu; mink divided into male mink and female mink. Many types of leather and fur, leather sub. Incomplete lists.
Light skinned leather used in a lot of leather products, Glossy the pila force strength, dirt, wear-resistant and has good air permeability. Suede leather not only looks elegant, generous and good but insufficient permeability, it is easy to dirty and poor maintenance, especially in a poor environment, suede shoes easily inhaled dust, fluff will encounter water lodging. Called modified leather, modified leather in skin surface processing finishes from, and it can be pressed on different lines in the leather, some finishing leather material is thick, abrasion resistance and poor ventilation (as the case to explain to consumers)
The company mainly produces pigskin, sheepskin, leather, fur, leather and other leather clothing, leather and fur leather semi-natural semi-processed from a clothing materials, with the continuous improvement of the domestic tanning process, can addition a lot of the same kind of skin The different styles of leather, it has brought to the consumer to identify the type of skin given the difficulty to identify quality garment leather have a good variety.
Here are some commonly identify leather Measures
A feel
Hand touch the leather surface, if smooth (grain processed into coarse skin.), Soft, plump and flexible feel is the dermis.
Second, Grossly
Mainly used to identify skin types and leather grain, good or bad, the observation of the surface of the leather obvious pores and pattern of, synthetic leather imitation pores, but not Bi really is not clear. Further the opposite side of the synthetic leather layer of textile as a bottom plate, the textile backplane is used to increase its tensile strength, while the opposite of the dermis is the layer of textile, such identification is the most simple and practical way.
Third, the odor
Generally do not smell good quality leather, all leather has a leather smell, pungent odor may be dealt with in the tanning process is not good and some sort of excessive use of chemical raw materials.
Fourth, ignite
Lit smell of leather smell lit with hair almost combustion knot pimple with your fingers to shape into the grinding; leatherette ignite issued a pungent odor, and the form of post-combustion pimple

The type and quality of the skin identification
Many types of skin only introduce common skin
A pigskin
1, pigs Smooth
Ordinary pig glossy is processed from pigskin surface after different tanning process, first slurry and then coated on the surface of the skin color, the ordinary pig glossy surface gloss pores arranged in useful rules, generally three pores triangular shape of the group, according to different regions and different tanning process pig glossy different quality, do not make Xiangjie better quality pig glossy grain smaller, soft to the touch. Due to the process of continuous improvement of the leather pig glossy can be processed into a lot of different varieties of leather.
Distressed effect Distressed effect is not shiny, can also have some dark pattern on some vintage leather.
Embossed effect, embossed effect of pressure on the strip at the surface of the skin, blood rib pattern;
Embossed effect, this can sometimes be a bit like the effect of coarse surface leather, but leather and essential difference. Litchi pattern is characterized by rough the Pi Bipu through glossy Shaohou, but grain.
The light coating effect, this skin surface coated pulp but directly on a different color, gloss darker than ordinary smooth feel of this leather is better than ordinary smooth skin and take the sagging feeling in the hand.
Washing effect, washing effect of the glossy coating is also thin, with ordinary glossy distinction is not very large, the difference is that soft glossy feel than ordinary. Direct water to clean stains on clothes.
Wipe leather, this color of the skin surface and the floor of the same, in the finished products can be made in the outer clothes with sandpaper or other raw material where you need anti-wipe, leaving your clothes into another more fashion style.
Pig suede
Ordinary first layer of suede on the opposite side of the leather head layer after processing. Short fine pile head and the surface of the suede surface layer sense particularly strong mordenite. Sometimes can be seen in a small proportion of the pores.
The first layer of suede washed leather, leather better than Ordinary suede feel more elastic than ordinary suede drape.
The first layer of suede modified leather, this the modified leather is leather front or anyway into modified processing leather. It can be made into a variety of printing, foil and film.
The printing is generally processed into a different pattern suede light side,
Film is velvet suede side paste layer film with a layer of special bright light, this skin is a more fashionable leather, but its drawback is breathable performance is not good (it is best not to explain to consumers).
The oil film leather velvet roll on a layer of a mixture by three oil feedstock. Film leather, it can be processed into Distressed effect encounter folding or crumpling, there will be some color lighter pincher is normal.
Pig split suede
Pig split suede essential difference with the first layer of suede, suede thicker than the first layer of suede, and can see the the triangular pores on the pigskin. Softness and tensile strength is far better than the first layer of suede, leather opened are also much smaller than the first layer. L2 suede can also be processed into the first layer of suede as the modification of a lot of different types of leather,
Layer 2 suede that price is cheaper without significant grade clothing. So in the domestic market, we rarely used this skin.

Second, sheepskin
1 sheep skin
The characteristics of the sheep skin is the plate thin skin feel soft and smooth and delicate, tiny pores irregularly segment uniform, Chengbian round. Sheep skin leather clothing is a leather for comparison on the grade of raw materials.
Sheep skin also broke the traditional style, and processed into embossed, washable, printing a lot of different kind of style.
2, goatskin
Goatskin structure than the sheep skin is slightly firm, good tensile strength than sheep skin, wear-resistant skin surface so thick-skinned than the sheep than the sheep skin. Difference with sheepskin, goatskin grain layer is more rough, the smoothness not as sheep skin, the feel is also somewhat less than the sheep skin.
The goatskin Now can be made into a lot of different styles of leather
Distressed leather washable, this skin coating can be placed directly in the water cleaning, non-marking and shrinkage is very small.
The December film leather, this leather is in the skin surface roll on a layer of oil wax skin in the encounter folding or crumpling, there will be some of the lighter color is normal pincher.
Third, the kraft
Due the cowhide to achieve a certain thickness and fastness, so it is mainly used for leather goods and shoes some more. The leather is characterized by small, uniform distribution closely plump leather surface pores the leather panels than any other skin firmer, feel solid and full flexibility. Leather clothing leather varieties more
Currently the leather processed into different styles of leather is not as good as pigskin and sheepskin varieties.
Cow split also used in apparel, but clothing is generally used to cow split suede, pig split the difference: suede fibers more rough, but no pores. The cow split modifier leather mainly used for leather, cow split on the skin is a certain difficulty in identifying processed into imitation glossy or Distressed effect.
The dermis is divided into the first layer and second layer of skin two categories ~ ~ ~
The first layer of skin is directly from the original skin of various animals processed or thicker cortex of cattle, pigs, horses and other animal skins hair removal and cut each into two floors, the upper portion of the fibers organized processed into a variety of head layer of skin.
The second layer of skin is part of the second floor of loose fibrous tissue processing, chemical material spray or covered with PVC, PU film.
Therefore, the distinction between the first layer and second layer of skin the effective method, is the concept of the Chapi the slitting surface fiber density. Head skin by the thick and thin fiber layer and closely connected with a slightly loose excessive layer is composed, has good strength, elasticity, and the process plasticity characteristics. Two skins only loose fibrous tissue layer, can be used to make leather products only after spraying chemical raw materials or polishing it to maintain certain natural elasticity and plasticity process characteristics, but the strength is poor, with the first layer thickness requirements skin.
Fourth, fur
Fur garment from its use can be divided into two categories: one is to keep out the cold for the purpose of hair toward the wearing apparel; Another kind is decorated for the main purpose of hair outwards wear fur clothing (also known as suede fur garment).
1, fox fur leather
Characteristics of the silver fox hair is long hair, generally 7-9CM; choppy hair-pin coarse than other Hulimao,, matte shiny. Its true colors as gray and black.
The blue fox capillary Qi, matte luster, length is shorter than the silver fox hair, generally 5-6CM the true nature of the blue fox is white, used to dress generally all stained.
The characteristics of the red fox hair and blue fox are similar, but slightly longer than the red fox, full color is red and gray for costumes do not stain.
2, goats Qiuge
Goat fur leather wool is relatively rare and not easy to hair loss, coarse hair pin direction is not completely smooth, goats Qiuge positive all the skin side, it can be made suede, Penhua, printing, and roll into the pattern of the different effects. The goat Qiuge can be dyed different colors.
3, angora Qiuge
White Maotu
The little velvet white of polyclonal Qiuge bottom, can be dyed various colors.
Grass yellow rabbit
Grass yellow rabbit hair pin slightly longer, and with it the true nature of general clothing.
Rex Rabbit
Hair soft, fine, smooth and delicate, lint-free than other rabbit hair is not easy in rabbit fur, rex rabbit furs is one of the best.
Water Diaoqiu leather
Mink Mao Guangze than the other Qiuge, good touch especially smooth, it is not easy to hair loss.
V. patent leather
Patent leather is a leather or PU leather material leaching paint process, which is characterized by bright color, natural, waterproof, moisture-proof, not easily deformed / easy clean take care characteristics. PATENT the process more complicated, require a very high, so patent leather products sold on the market prices correspondingly high. Now on the market a lot of unethical businesses tend to the Liangpi posing patent leather sales, in fact, the patent leather and bright skin the very different Liangpi actually colored leather on the polishing makes commodities more beautiful, while also with a certain degree of moisture resistance, but the feel is not as good as patent leather and shiny patent leather material is natural
Pu leatherette, not leather, simply say, "PU is polyurethane artificial leather of a kind of". Second, PU is a man-made synthetic material, with the texture of leather, very durable, and inexpensive.
, PU leather

What is patent leather, oil leather, PU leather
A coat of paint and maintenance
What is patent leather: patent leather, some leather piecemeal leather labeled pulp, then made leather! Plastic feel strong, smooth appearance. Dermis is the first layer of animal fur, has not been synthesized, and are generally of processed leather. Wrinkled patent leather is widely used, its advantages are: feel good, the skin is soft. Wrinkled patent leather in the production process, we first skin body drum soft, then pouring paint as bright as a mirror patent leather. Without losing wrinkles such as broken tempered glass pattern, the leather is soft leather characteristics made bag is very comfortable. Maintenance of patent leather: patent leather bag surface dust available a clean, damp (not dripping wetness is better) and gently wipe the bag can also be used to take care of leather cleaners or cleaning paste, but can not be used The brightener take care. Due brightener cause pseudo-coating off, make the package surface wrinkled. Paint bags to be scratched, cleaned first scratch, the the leather oil mixed with egg white and the same color, and then scratched at Flatten, coated with the mixture, and more than two coats of dry, until the painted parts than the surrounding surface, the next day with a soft cloth polishing until smooth.

Second, oil skin and Maintenance
What oil skin: oil skin into leather or butter leather horse oil cortical grease penetration in the cortex inside to avoid the cortex due to prolonged contact with air becomes dry and cracks, grease does not contaminate the clothes oil skin because of different production methods, with the ordinary leather's natural grain and intimate feel, the appearance of shiny moisture, do not need to be oiled, always able to maintain a moist appearance and delicate touch, officially because of this characteristic, oil skin is very popular this year, has become a commonly used fabric haute couture bags. The butter leather cow leather front, is a high-end product, the coating is extremely thin, adsorption, permeability, good hygiene, soft, smooth surface, the cortex contains grease is not easy to mildew, easy to produce bacterial, odor-free. Butter skin more resistant. The butter leather international market prices are generally $ 2.2 one foot leather price is generally less than $ 2, leather butter skin is not in the traditional sense. Oil skin maintenance: oil skin natural wrinkles and discoloration effect, various parts of the color is not One is a normal phenomenon. Note should use waterproof, stain resistant, it is recommended to use the cleaners take care of leather clothing or sofa. It is particularly worth mentioning is that even if oil leather scratches, do not worry, just scratches at wiping with a soft cloth, will disappear. If you found the package lighter color need Dayou, avoid the use of a variety of bags to wipe the oil, wipe with a dry cloth can.
Third, PU leather and Maintenance
What is PU: PU leather, is English ployurethane the abbreviation, chemistry Chinese name polyurethane, also called PU leather, PU with leather generally negative with leather second skin material, and then coated with PU resin, therefore, also known foil leather. PU synthetic leather, fake leather, based environmentalist, I personally feel this man-made synthetic material PU leather texture, and very durable, and inexpensive (* ^ __ ^ *) hee hee ... In addition to the two-story pigskin instead of PU leather. PU leather is broken leather, added binder after crushed, pressed leather, composition leather, but not naturally grow into the leather. As long as the animal's fur, both layers of skin than good PU leather. PU leather maintenance: PU leather bag best cleaners + the paper rub (do not use with corrosive cleaning agents). As for the fade part, the general is no way to remedy! Or when careful ~ ~ ~ In addition there is a common material on Taobao, is anti-leather, this leather surface is more rough rubbing together, nothing shiny, not oil, but also easy to dirty, but because it difficult to wrinkle, and not easily deformed, and therefore more popular.
1, the first smell taste. The leatherette taste pungent odor like plastic. Special taste of the dermis, the landlord can go to get some leather smell to see.
2, we have to see the ductility of the leather. Leather soft and flexible. The leatherette sent.
3, is to see the pores. Generally outside leather are sheepskin, sheepskin the appearance of fish scales Zhuang, one a well recognizable. Leather clothes, I do not know how to distinguish between true and false. Pores are consistent artificial leather clothes, leather pores irregular.

In fact, I am the most commonly used first. Leatherette made and the leather has been getting closer and closer, only the taste is not made out of. Recommended that the landlord went to find a knowledgeable purchase.
Leather fabric resolution 1, first of all, check whether the surface of the leather pores. Thin and dense leather pores was no regular arrangement of smooth cortex; pigskin pores goods were font triangular arrangement of cortical cancellous sparse. 2, and then to check the available indentation, see indentation local striae fine lines spread out like. Secondly, check the cross-section of the income side of the cortex. Positive now forged technology is getting better and better, from a positive analysis is becoming increasingly difficult. Why they can be seen from the income side of cortical section. Sparse pine dermal cortex is more closely and imitation leather. 4, leather and imitation leather can also smell to tell, really clearly has the smell of an animal skin, fake leather, relatively speaking, more to take advantage of in the stimulation of taste.

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