The bag left is after more than a month of competition and vote, a collection of up to users the votes--Icons of Heritage-Cut & Craft

Design concept: a broad-brush and large surface stitching collision caused by the space cutting, to break the whole uniform. Tough shiny the horsehair emitted bright yellow color convergence flexibility delicate leather Diablo, not formed a strong contrast, but compatibility, this compatibility representative of contemporary women to publicity, hot and introverted, tough bunched up into a fit, open with together, just soft and economy.


1、╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ alive to make a thin film of paper horsehair leather effect, this is what kind of intentions ah ~! The works of the original intention is to reflect the contemporary art pop style, the horsehair use experience of urban white-collar perseverance upright soft and delicate. Different thickness of the leather straps, both Roman style of romantic, and clever lines to break the overall sense of uniformity. Classic package shall show the fashion sense. The bold use of bright yellow and black paint, but also hope that MM had to use the bag every day a good mood ~! The interesting fashion bag this section, and Andy Warhol and Mond Ferrie ~:-D

2、The truth: No law, seat of your pants. . . The painting has always been the seat of your pants to start with, to say the principle, possible is to use the principle point visual composition. . . This general are critics to the definition.

3、They oppress the line to do the cutting and pasting, coloring marker with professional design and full color comparison. Tin knife students a sum the horsehair effect tracing is very realistic, it is not said to be made ​​of paper, do feel like cloth. :-D


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