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Jimmy Choo shoes in Beyonce Knowles (Beyoncé) song sung, and broadcast in the TV series "Sex and the City" (The Sex and the City). Jimmy Choo produced has always been well received by international celebrities and Hollywood star loved, Madonna in the wedding, walking down the aisle in a pair of Jimmy Choo brand-name high heels, many actresses to attend the awards ceremony costume of a Chinese clothing to wear his designs, and its design has always been to go noble style, create shoes both inside and outside, there are types I, put the foot is also very comfortable. American rapper Shawnee, a widely circulated song "Jimmy Choo high heels, inspiration because one day he strolled with a young model, she was wearing the Jimmy Choo brand of high heels, looking at the 4-inch shoes I put the pair of high heels, I eyed rap, now, everyone knows Jimmy Choo. "Yes, everyone knew Jimmy Choo, or every woman to know Jimmy Choo.

College student, I have been part-time, even if the boss told me to work on Saturdays and Sundays, I also apart from anything else, never ask the boss to any overtime costs, one day the boss curious asked me: "Why do you not asked me for overtime it ? now the British here, said the weekends, should I pay 3 times the overtime. "I replied:" You are the boss, even you will use the weekend was originally to accompany the family time with overtime, and let I have more opportunities to learn from you, then I can find fault with what it? "Later, of course, that the boss gave me a generous overtime, perhaps this is not overtime, may be recognized as one of the boss of my an appreciation of the rewards. In subsequent days, I increasingly understand: when you do not understand anything, do not pick and choose what to learn, do, and even pour some tea, you must first obtain the approval of others.

My success is not so legendary. I designed a pair of plum shoes in a show on later coincidental "VOGUE" magazine accessories Assistant, she was not editing help magazine chose shooting products. When she was at the show to see my shoes, I had left, she called me and asked me whether her photos of these shoes on magazine, when I feel a "VOGUE" very good, because that is the world's most stylish magazine on that magazine fashion circles around the world mean that people know you.

I would never sell his shoes, if you think my shoes, you will come to me, I do not need to do any marketing. Remember every time Princess Diana to see her favorite shoes are called I did eight colors, each color one pair can wear round match different occasions and clothes I own shoes to own wear comfortable, I would do a few double wheel with wear; but do not like shoes to wear for a long time a pair of comfortable, want the wheel to wear such shoes will save a long time.

In recent years, a lot of young people ask me how to become a successful designer. I want to say is, in fact, successfully tired, you have to pay a lot more time than others, from 10:00 in the morning, like I've been done late late at night, because one person to do a lot of shoes, but not enough manpower , only ourselves to work overtime to do it. But right now, have their own studio, with its own design team, can relieve a lot of pressure.

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