Just 10 days after the the catwalks network announced cooperation in the establishment of the catwalk and eBay-eBay, serves network suspected of selling fake news will be disclosed to the media area. The disclosure serves network Lynx flagship store also suspected of selling fake products related to Close in September.

According to reports, the flagship store shut down the origin of a dispute, a customer a Gucci products purchased from the catwalks network, according to a person familiar with interview Lynx found quality problems, call the catwalk net, dragged pressure not treated.

The customer then the complaint to the business sector, this piece of Gucci products are then sent to the Gucci company identification. The Gucci company quickly issued a statement saying that this is not Gucci company products.

The Guangzhou media recently reported the catwalk net sales NewbarK brand shoes real fake, validation is really a replica after NewbarK.

Subsequently, catwalks stated intention, said the previously reported events the complaints users buy the NewbarK of shoes is not a fake, in fact, authentic, and said the runway nets sold 100% authentic guaranteed "audience commodity".

It is understood, Gucci and other well-known brands did not authorize any Chinese website selling its branded products, catwalks network, including online sales brand known as "luxury electric supplier".

Industry sources, online shopping channel for luxury goods more than 70% did not get the brands directly authorized sales. "Overseas purchasing or from dealers, foundries, discount stores and other channels. 'Sweep goods', as well as black channel A cargo directly from the hands of buyers, or Shenzhen, Dongguan into high imitation."

An industry source revealed to the media: For a brand-new luxury, especially the top brand names package watches price of electricity supplier channels is more than 20% off of the line, then a high probability of real goods; discount rate below 7% either fake or defective "off season" goods; the 5 fold below, the probability of fakes relatively high.

Earlier, the catwalk-eBay on-line and found the kind of online supplier product map is very poor, and the color, style, size there is a serious insufficiency problem, this reporter called the catwalk-eBay customer service, asked why, catwalk-eBay customer service said. , catwalk-eBay Customer Service products sold are authentic, the film The picture is not a catwalk-eBay customer service, but an eBay supplier suppliers own shooting product pictures. And most brand products were not sold brand licensing.

Go to news of alleged price frequently appeared last week, also led to the industry's concerns about the entire electricity supplier industry.

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