Gucci watch shop
Gucci watches pleased to launch the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the the watchmaking craft demonstrations, the craftsmanship of the brand watchmaking factory is presented to the customer. The most outstanding artisans from Gucci watches La Chaux-de tabulation Square to Vientiane City Chengdu will show the process, customers also had the opportunity to see the exquisite detail in watch production and superior technology. The the watchmaking display also includes traditional workbench, raw materials and finished products show.

Gucci watchmaking craft demonstrations:

Two watches on display for Bamboo and 1921, respectively, on behalf of for Gucci watches ingenuity of the manual process.

Visitors can also touch "1921" case around the wrapped leather, feel Gucci bamboo material used innovative road. From bamboo bezel beeswax, lacquer sewing 1921 case of cotton and a variety of fine needle to be used, placed complete, each tool is impressive. Visitors will be able to interact with the artisans, ask questions, learn skills, and can be ordered on-site production of watches.

Scene otherwise the video player, about the craftsmanship of the artisans focus to show the production process, to make the display more vivid.

The watchmaking showcase designed to show the achievements of Gucci watches inherited the traditional techniques and craftsmanship. Visitors and customers can shop in Vientiane City Chengdu site interactive experience and a deep sense of the lasting value of the brand's watchmaking factory passed.

Gucci watches, jewelry Profile:

It is committed to the design, development and manufacture of vivid prominent Gucci watches Gucci watches since the early 1970s. With Florence watchmaker global visibility of its brand positioning unique duality - the balance between modernity and tradition, innovation and technology, both lead the trend yet delicate and exquisite, Gucci watches to the clarity of design techniques and brand positioning, has become one of the most trusted and permanently circulating fashion watch brand. Gucci watches manufactured in Switzerland, in order to design, quality and craftsmanship is known by the Gucci stores and watch dealer exclusive sales network in worldwide sales. Since January 2010, Gucci watches start selling Gucci jewelry series to take advantage of the years of accumulated watchmaking skills, and give full play to the synergy of the watch and jewelery industry.

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